Obama wins but America loses

By Doc Vega

How did Mitt Romney lose the Presidential election against an incompetent Democratic incumbent, who had no record to run on? Two words. Character assassination. The Obama re-election campaign headed by the scheming and convoluted mind of David Axelrod took libel and slander to new and unparalleled limits. If there were ethics rules that were enforced during a major election of this kind, the fact checkers would have been contributing loads of evidence to the courts to use as evidence to penalize or charge the Obama camp with violations, that in a civil court of law, would have been prosecuted. Yet, around election time we Americans are supposed to accept libel and slander as the norm while millions of people are intentionally misinformed about the character of a contender.

Who cares if there’s voter fraud?

One could have made a pronouncement way back in 2009 of very bad things to come when Julie Fernandez, deputy US Attorney General proclaimed to her staff that voter fraud would not be prosecuted and even crimes committed by blacks would not be litigated, echoing the intentions of her boss, AG Eric Holder. This should have sent out a sharp message to Republicans and conservatives that the Obama administration was already planning for being in office eight years, and the plans were already being laid. The refusal of the DOJ to prosecute the New Black Panthers for harassment at public polling offices, the forced resignation of two civil rights attorneys J. Christian Adams, and Christopher Coates sent a signal. Coates, who swore under oath and gave testimony to corruption in his department was thought to have evoked an issue that would cause house cleaning in the Justice Department, but didn’t.

That signal was further amplified with the attack upon the Motor Voter laws that guaranteed voter ID in a simple and direct way at the polls, yet was somehow construed as racist by the Obama propaganda machine. The game was on, the arena was being equipped with chains and swords, and the lions were being kept hungry enough to consume human flesh. And they would.

An administration without achievements

With no great deeds to boast of or accomplishments in the course of his embattled 4 years at the Presidential helm, Barack Obama had but one course to pursue, and he did with a fervor. Lie, misdirect, distract, attack your opponent’s character, dispute the truth. Which is exactly what President Obama did. When his out of control spending created a debt crisis that required approval of more money for the federal government to spend, President Obama, who had not drafted a budget for over 800 days since taking office blamed Congress for not allowing him to have more money. Obama scared seniors on retirement saying government checks might not go out if the Congress refused to yield. This made many retirees worry thanks to a lie told by the President. The only way checks would not go out would be if he, the President, ordered the Secretary of the Treasury not to issue those Social Security retirement checks, yet he blamed the Republican held House not his personal failed policies

The weekly false narrative issued  by the White House

If Republicans thought that it would get any better they were wrong! In a year of ignoring important issues, the President made political decisions for his campaign effort. The White House constantly developed new narratives every week that the US media utilized lock and step to batter the character of Mitt Romney over. Sandra Fluke, posing as a law student just couldn’t figure out for herself that generic birth control would only cost her 9 bucks a month in her desperate plea for a personal sex life so magically a press conference featuring her claiming that since Mitt Romney and conservatives didn’t want US taxpayer’s funds spent on birth control that they must be anti pro-choice with women and, in essence were fighting a war against women. Could this have gotten anymore asinine?

The mainstream media unofficial partner to the White House

These kinds of weekly attacks replete with new absurd allegations and new deceptive talking points were rolled out and repeated by the lap dog US media. The “ Big Lie” repeated over and over until the foolish and gullible electorate believed it. There was no standard of decency, no moment of moral or ethical self loathing, it was all straight out of Saul Alinsky’s book “ Rules for Radicals“, the ends justifies the means, only the results matter!

Romney who killed a man’s wife who worked at a Bain Capital venture capital partnered factory that was sold off leaving the work force without a job, happened years after Romney had left, and how was that anybody’s fault if the business was losing money and best sold off before it lost more. Yet, the truth didn’t matter only the damage that could be done by false accusation just like the innocent man accused of being a child molester, even if he’s proven not guilty the permanent brand of the allegation never leaves and his reputation is tarnished for life. Romney’s reputation was tarnished just long enough to lose a Presidential election.

Being honest, standing on your successes, and being nice not enough anymore

Many said Mitt was being too nice, that there were plenty holes to poke in the leaking dike of Obama’s lies and failed policies, but Romney remained a gentleman only occasionally firing back in public or at the debates but not near enough as the mean-spirited tactics of Obama’s re-election campaign continued to pour on more lies, distractions, and narratives echoed by a compliant main stream media that actually took time out of talk shows to announce the latest new allegations released by the Obama re-election camp.

A final thought

Obama began campaigning long before the last year of his first term making political decisions to suit himself and not Americans.

If history should make note of any note of this in the catastrophic decent of America under unconstitutional rule and clear entitlement use to buy votes, it would be that the Obama White House ran the most vicious and untruthful re-election campaign in history. In doing so, the fate of America was sealed. President Obama’s handlers ran a brilliant campaign of vilifying a successful businessman, former Massachusetts Governor, father, husband, and most importantly for America, job creator. Even with former President Bill Clinton acknowledging Romney’s business acumen as “stellar”, that statement, the Obama campaign made sure, would be the last moment of clarity that the Democratic political machinery would ever utter through out the remaining push for re-election.  They made Americans hate Mitt Romney for no other reason than their false allegations on the twisted road of lies to the Presidency.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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    1. the 2004 election did not bring America to a fiscal melt down nor did we get our asses kicked all over the Middle East and as well we didn’t get our Ambassadors killed in order to hide the truth either. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. The President won because he conducted the most dirty character assassination campaign against a political opponent ever. Quit reading Huffington Post and watching MSNBC it will rot your mind.

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