President Obama re-elected a dark hour for the Republic

By Doc Vega

President Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected tonight by virtue of a campaign that has been marred by ugly allegations and slander by the Democratic Party. Tonight the American people missed a unique opportunity and that was to regain the greatness once known by this nation. By re-electing a President who has caused great controversy, Constitutional crises, and racial division, the American people voiced their desire to accept less in expectation of themselves and more for what they think the government ought to be doing for them.

John F. Kennedy, a beloved US President, once made a grand statement lost upon the current generation of Americans. He said, “ ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” In uttering those great words, JFK appealed to Americans to contribute to society not to expect anything that they had not earned from it. Yet, today the President Obama has seduced millions of voters into an entitlement mentality. Enticing college students into the expectation that their student loans will be repaid by the federal government if only they voted for him. Making home owners who would normally default expect that their home mortgages will be paid for by bailout programs if they only voted for him. That illegal aliens can violate our immigration laws and sign up for social security benefits and medical care at the cost to the US taxpayer if they owe their allegiance to him.

In doing so, President Obama with 15 billion more in food stamp subsidies, with more unemployment checks paid out, and with no work requirement for welfare recipients has literally bought the votes he needed to win the Presidential election. By giving away the hard earned cash of the employed middle class, confiscated taxes of the blue collar worker, as well as tapping into the wealth of the upper class, President Obama has perpetuated the myth of government sanctioned utopia, that every man woman and child in America are supposedly to grow to expect.

With that unrealistic expectation of entitlement comes something else that few if any who look to the federal government for all the answers will bother to realize. It all comes with a price! That price is ever increasing taxes to pay for that ever expending bureaucracy and infrastructure it will take to make the magical utopia work its wonders. The environmental protection that will bring about the promised brave new world, the heavy handed regulations it takes for federal government to manage the lives of its trusting and expectant citizens just waiting to have all of their personal problems remedied by an all knowing all seeing all powerful government that will make the far reaching decisions that should never be questioned or opposed by anyone free thinking individual or any news agency that dares to question its wisdom.

The naïve, gullible, and lazy Americans who think that the lofty federal government under the rule of President Obama poised, positioned, and empowered to fight our battles for us and represent the poor huddled masses of discriminated against minorities shall use social justice to force each and every one of us to think and act the way the ruling class dictates, and this is exactly what President Obama has been crafting with his 40 radical czars, his leftist ideology, and his vision of America beneath his lofty plan of redistributed wealth.

America, you asked for it. It took some propaganda, I know. I took some twisting of the truth, I know, I took the character assassination of a few good people along the way, but finally that vision of social justice is finally beginning to shine through the darkness of those who actually expect us to be self reliant and responsible for our own actions. Eh gads, man, such a hefty burden to bear!

Now if only he can work the same magic on that dwindling US dollar that President Obama has had the Federal Reserve working on. Well, I’m sure QE-3 will definitely take care of the coming new waves of foreclosures and deficit spending that the President will inevitably use to fix all of our problems for us along with a lot more taxes that we’ll have to pay because after all President Obama knows best, doesn’t he?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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