US General Ham forced to resign over Benghazi scandal

By Doc Vega


Another scapegoat has been added to the Obama blame pool in connection with the US embassy attacks in Benghazi. It seems that when the Obama White House was busy ordering a number of US forces including the CIA to not only stand down once but twice, General Ham

US General Ham relieved of AFRICOM position because he ignored a cowardly stand down order!

of AFRICOM, according to one story, made the decision to refuse orders and continue on to assist US intelligence and ambassadorial staff in Benghazi. General Ham’s actions and opinions were echoed by a number of other commanders who were willing to do the same thing.

A rogue commander for wanting to rescue Americans?

As soon as the alert had been broadcast by the US embassy at Benghazi of the attack, General Ham notified the Pentagon that his unit was ready for immediate deployment when he was ordered to stand down. The general immediately made the decision to countermand the orders and continue on his rescue mission when in less than a minute, his second in command arrested General Ham, and assumed command. General Ham was relieved of command and put under arrest for mobilizing in a rescue effort to save besieged America diplomats and intelligence personnel at the US embassy, who were under heavy coordinated assault by well trained terrorists. What lends plausibility to this particular account? Ham has suddenly announced retirement for unspecified personal reasons? It’s just too coincidental! General Ham will be replaced by General David Rodriguez, perhaps an officer more likely to play ball with the White House in future fiascoes.

Who was responsible?

Leon Panetta and most likely President Obama made the call for a stand down order in response to the desperate requests for assistance by Ambassador Stevens staff and what few security team members were left to guard them. In many circles the willful and intentional failure to aid and evacuate Americans under siege on US diplomatic soil would be considered treasonous! This was, to say the least, a dishonorable response to the unprovoked assault upon Americans at the Benghazi location of our US embassy.

Two down how many more to go?

The Obama White House now has two scapegoats in their impotent search for those to blame in one of the most horrendous failures in US foreign policy in memory. General Ham is added to the presently imprisoned Egyptian film producer in California to make a total of two fall guys the White House can use as sacrificial sheep in this ongoing fiasco! Why this grave abandonment of our personnel in a US embassy of all places has not been more vigorously pursued, especially in the midst of an election, is tantamount to a moral crisis that exists within the annals of a corrupt Democratic administration and a Republican party that has allowed the lawlessness to go on unpunished.

A sad commentary

If this negligence demonstrated by President Obama, his Secretary of  State, Hillary Clinton, and CIA Director, Leon Panetta is allowed to go uninvestigated and unpunished then we here in America have a serious Constitutional crisis as well as a chain of command guilty for having blood on their hands. Remember, not only Hillary Clinton, but President Obama claimed full responsibility for this reprehensible dereliction of duty!

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