Emerging conflicts in Philadelphia voting districts

By Doc Vega


Here on election day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by morning already there were noted inconsistencies and irregularities. Some 70 Republican voting officials were banned from voting sites by Democratic members. In one case a Republican was physically shoved out of the polling facility. A judge issued an order to allow Republican voting officials into these polling facilities escorted by sheriff’s deputies if necessary. This is very typical of liberal intimidation tactics used in the past.

Unusual for such a large number of Republicans to be harassed

One local voting official admitted that for so many Republican voting officials to be kicked out of polling places at once was rare even for Philadelphia. Still, this is not acceptable behavior for a fair and peaceful voting environment even with locals conceding that such hostile behavior is common under these circumstances.

New Black Panthers Back?

The appearance of one New Black Panther reported at one polling office was photographed, this time without swinging clubs or apparent verbal threats. Many remember the 2008 controversy involving 2 of the New Black Panthers causing problems, being filmed, and for what was supposed to be a felony charge, were given a pass by the AG Eric Holder Department of Justice.

Last minute appointments create misunderstandings

The confrontations occur, according to one official when stand in election personnel are suddenly faced with last minute courtroom appointees by the Republican Party causing sometimes nasty altercations. It is the job of these officials to insure there is no voter fraud as well as being present to spot signs of falsifying identification or disenfranchisement.

According to the legal counsel of the commissioner’s office, these conflicts are common due to suspicions and unannounced, last minute, changes. Under the circumstances of an election people are easily agitated.

Obama mural inappropriate for voting environment or public school

At Ward 35 in Philadelphia, voters cast their ballots against the back drop of Obama in the form of a wall mural with the slogan, “hope and change” stenciled in the graphic image. According to voter laws in the state of Pennsylvania, under state law no electioneering within a poll site can be undertaken, no solicitation for any political party, or even any literature making reference to a particular American political party can be distributed to voters as they enter the polling building. Yet, one remembers Michelle Obama making a personal appearance to voters outside one Illinois voting facility during the 2008 election cycle. The wall mural in question was part of a school setting since the voting site is an improvised public school room.
Hopefully, voter fraud and related discrepancies will be minimized as election day wears on, and voters of both parties look to cast a ballot that represents their vision for how they think America should be governed.

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