Why I endorse Mitt Romney

By Karl Gotthardt

With polls across the nation opening in less than 48 hours, the majority of US citizens have already decided who to vote for.  A small percentage of undecided’s remain.  Polls can be skewed based on the model used to interpret results.  Most pollsters predict a tight race, where possibly the result will not be known until early Wednesday morning.  Be that as it may, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that what they have seen over the past four years has been nothing short of  disaster.  Given President Obama’s record, the question in most people’s mind should be, “Why would we given him four more years with the same policies?

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 11, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney actually has a plan to turn the economy around.  His five point plan encompasses a plan for a Stronger Middle Class is a five-part proposal for turning around the economy and delivering more jobs and more take-home pay for American families. While President Obama continues looking to big government spending programs as the solution to the nation’s challenges, Mitt understands that it is hardworking Americans in the private sector who will achieve economic growth and job creation. His plan will end the middle class squeeze of declining incomes and rising prices, bring back prosperity, and create 12 million jobs during his first term.

  • 1. Ennergy  Independence for North America, includes the Alberta Oil  Sands and the XL Keystone Pipeline.  His plan is an all of the above strategy, which includes fossil fuels, solar and windpower.
  • 2. Trade that works for America.  Ensuring, first and foremost, that the United States negotiates trade deals that are beneficial to American workers an the American economy.
  • 3 Provide Americans with the skills to succeed through better public schools, better access to higher education, and better retraining programs that help to match unemployed workers with real-world job opportunities.
  • 4. Cut the deficit, reducing the size of government and getting the national debt under control so that America remains a place where businesses want to open up shop and hire.
  • 5. Champion small business.

    Small businesses are the engine of job creation in this country, but they will struggle to succeed if taxes and regulations are too burdensome or if a government in Washington does its best to stifle them. Mitt will pursue comprehensive tax reform that lowers tax rates for all Americans, and he will cut back on the red tape that drives up costs and discourages hiring.

Mitts Romney’s 5 point plan

Mitt Romney is a successful businessman, with a proven record as a governor that worked across the isle, balanced the budget and provided health care for all the citizens of Massachusetts.   He turned around the Olympic games in Salt Lake City and accepted no salary.  Despite the demonizing by the Obama campaign for his time at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney created 100s of jobs by turning around companies like Staples.  He gives 30% of his income to charity and has paid his taxes, despite viagra Harry Reid’s lies.

Compare that with President Obama’s record, which has barely moved GDP growth or the economy.  The president’s plan is to carry on with business as usual and has done everything to define Mitt Romney’s character.  The first debate debunked that and showed when faced one one one, the president can’t even defend his own record.  On the stump, in front of a friendly audience he gets very courageous.

Add Paul Ryan to the Romney ticket and you have the experience of a businessman and a successful governor combined with an experience congressman in fiscal matters.  Paul Ryan is the only one who has actually prepared a budget.  No hold, Obama prepared one, which was a gimmick.  Even congressional democrats saw through it.  I received no votes and was defeated handily in the Senate 97-0.

The Obama record can be easily dissected. Starting with day one in office:
Auto bail out fail. Delphi non union workers had their pensions stolen from them, while union workers fared well and even have a place on the Board of Directors.
Stimulus fail, it even included ear marks for “fancy Nacy’s” field mouse trials.
Medicare Fail – Steals $716 Billion for Obmacare Medicaid. Should senior be worried. You bet. Just look at Canada’s health care system. 40% of the budget is consumed by feds and provinces and the waiting periods are rampant.
ObamaCare the biggest tax on the Middle Class, while Obama’s union buddies get a waiver. Go figure.
Deficit $1.1 Trillion annually. He is going to cut it in half, really? I guess he will do it on his second term, God help us.
National Debt over $16 Trillion, increased almost $6 Trillion under Obama, but Bush was unpatriotic.
War in Iraq. Obama claims he stopped it. No he worked on GWs timeline, which was in place when he took office, but Obama failed to get a status of forces agreement and now Al Quaida has taken over along with the Iranians.
Middle East – Obama managed to shift power to the Islamists, which was held by US friendly countries. Yes that’s democracy.
Libya. No congressional approval and we know where that country is going, straight to hell. We won’t even talk about the total incompetence on the Benghazi consulate attack. The lies promulgated to hide the fact that Al Quaeda is not decimated, which Obama claims.
Syria. Jihadists and Al Qaida fighting with the rebels. Where do we think that will go.
Israel. Snubs the Jewish nation.

Congress. Inability to reach across he isle. That won’t change. Of course there are the illegal executive orders and the hiding of the truth of Operation “Fast and Furious.”

This has to be one, if not, the worst presidencies in history. The great uniter has become the great divider. I could go on, but this will do for now.

The choice couldn’t be simpler, continue with the old policies of a go nowhere economy, massive unemployment, 47 million on food stamps, with one of six Americans in poverty.  My choice is clear.  I will go with someone, who has a proven record and a plan each time.  That somebody is Mitt Romney.

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Karl Gotthardt - Politisite Managing Editor Maj. Gotthardt is a Retired Military Officer with 35 years service in the Canadian Armed Forces. He spent most of his time in the Military in Infantry Battalions. Karl took part in training for Afghanistan as an Operator Analyst with the Canadian Maneouvre Training Centre. Karl is a qualified military parachutist and military free fall parachutist. He earned his U.S. Master Jump Wings in Fort Benning, Georgia. Karl enjoys working with horses for the last 24 year. He owns six. He has experience in breeding, training and of course riding.Karl was born in Germany and is fluent in both English and German and he speaks enough French to "get in trouble". Karl has written or writes at NowPublic, All Voices, Tek Journalism and many others.

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