Flips for Mitt – New York Daily News endorses Romney for president

America’s heart, soul, brains and muscle — the middle- and working-class people who make this nation great — have been beset for too long by sapping economic decline.

So, too, New York breadwinners and families.

Paychecks are shrunken after more than a decade in which the workplace has asked more of wage earners and rewarded them less. The decline has knocked someone at the midpoint of the salary scale back to where he or she would have been in 1996.

Then, the subway fare, still paid by token, was $1.50, gasoline was $1.23 a gallon and the median rent for a stabilized apartment was $600 a month. Today, the base MetroCard subway fare is $2.25, gasoline is in the $3.90 range and the median stabilized rent is $1,050, with all the increases outpacing wage growth.

A crisis of long duration, the gap between purchasing power and the necessities of life widened after the 2008 meltdown revealed that the U.S. economy was built on toothpicks — and they snapped.

Nine million jobs evaporated. The typical American family saw $50,000 vanish from its net worth, and its median household income dropped by more than $87 a week. New Yorkers got off with a $54 weekly hit.


Other Romney Newspaper Endorsements

Newspaper Circulation Endorsee Published 2008 Endorsee
The Daily News (New York) 579636 Romney 11/04/12 Obama
New York Post 555327 Romney 10/25/12 McCain
The Dallas Morning News 405349 Romney 09/28/12 McCain
Newsday (Long Island, NY) 397973 Romney 11/03/12 Obama
Houston Chronicle 384007 Romney 10/21/12 Obama
The Arizona Republic (Phoenix) 321600 Romney 10/21/12 McCain
The San Diego Union-Tribune 230742 Romney 11/03/12 McCain
Las Vegas Review-Journal 220619 Romney 10/07/12 McCain
Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX) 195455 Romney 10/20/12 Obama
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 188405 Romney 10/20/12 McCain
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock) 179258 Romney 10/23/12 McCain
Orlando Sentinel 173576 Romney 10/19/12 Obama
Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 165974 Romney 10/26/12 Obama
Investor’s Business Daily (Los Angeles) 156269 Romney 11/02/12 McCain
The Tampa Tribune 144510 Romney 10/21/12 McCain
The Cincinnati Enquirer 144165 Romney 10/27/12 McCain
The Columbus (OH) Dispatch 136023 Romney 10/21/12 McCain
Omaha World-Herald 135223 Romney 10/08/12 McCain
The Detroit News 133508 Romney 10/25/12 McCain
The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) 131872 Romney 10/28/12 McCain
The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK) 130177 Romney 10/28/12 McCain
The Tennessean (Nashville) 118589 Romney 10/18/12 Obama
Grand Rapids Press 114571 Romney 10/24/12 McCain
Richmond Times-Dispatch 108559 Romney 10/27/12 McCain
Boston Herald 108548 Romney 10/23/12 McCain
The Des Moines Register 101915 Romney 10/27/12 Obama
Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) 99670 Romney 10/28/12 Obama
The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, FL) 98580 Romney 10/26/12 SPLIT
Tulsa World 97725 Romney 11/04/12 McCain
Daily News (Los Angeles) 94016 Romney 10/26/12 Obama
The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) 87817 Romney 11/04/12 McCain
Northwest Indiana Times 85692 Romney 11/04/12 McCain
Albuquerque Journal 84826 Romney 11/04/12 McCain

(Source: Univ. of California – Santa Barbara Presidency Project )

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