US media aids White House in cover-up over Benghazi attacks

By Doc Vega


We have already witnessed President Obama’s negligent response to the killing of four US ambassadorial staff members including J. Christopher Stevens. We have seen 20 US consulates and embassies through out the Arab world attacked and burned with no response from the President as he and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton spend 70,000 dollars in US taxpayer’s precious funds in order to buy air time on Syrian TV to deny that they and the US support some little known comedy movie that supposedly insulted Muslims on You Tube. Even the producer of this movie, an Egyptian in California, is dragged from his bed in the middle of the night, Gestapo style, arrested by police and held in jail to be used by the Obama White House as a scapegoat. These are the impotent responses so far to an ongoing travesty in Middle Eastern foreign relations as the President lies about the true circumstances involved in the US embassy attacks in Libya.

Aiding and abetting corruption

Yet, with this in mind be advised it gets even worse. The US media who have practically given President Obama a free ride, have practically blacked out the story. After Fox news ran a report on TV that exposed the Obama White House’s refusal to aid or assist our embattled Ambassador and US embassy in Benghazi allowing him and his staff to be killed by terrorists, the other major networks elected to ignore or allow amazingly meager coverage on the event, allowing less than a minute of acknowledgment of a major US foreign tragedy and failure of Obama White House foreign policy.

MRC weighs in on the scandal

According to L. Brent Bozell, President of Media Research Center, ABC World News, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly made no effort at all after September 11, 2012 to make any mention of the deadly attacks and who was behind them. In lieu of the attacks only 25 seconds was allocated for a brief mention of the horrendous attacks on our US embassy on  “Good Morning America” program and 20 seconds on World News. That was it.

Fox-the only stand up news agency

Even with Fox news reporting that a nearby CIA annex only minutes away from the US embassy in Benghazi who could have intervened and effected an evacuation or at least taken part in the battle was ordered to stand down twice, still there remained no response from the other major news reporting agencies. According to Brent Bozell, the major liberal news media, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, NBC, and CBS are so invested in President Obama’s re-election that they have refused to acknowledge the coordinated terrorist attacks that killed four Americans including Ambassador Stevens in our Libyan embassy.

Two networks may be sitting on evidence of stand down orders

Now there is further evidence emerging that US counter terrorism forces were also instructed to stand down during the attacks in Benghazi and at least one or two of the major networks have emails to that effect. Once again Bozell charged that when the prominent players in the US media refuse to report evidence they have in an effort to support the re-election of President Obama than their further existence is pointless. They no longer serve the purpose for which they were created. Bozell adds further that these complicit news agencies are as guilty of an illegal cover up as the administration itself.

Ethics violations of US news agencies

Should American media broadcasters be prosecuted for concealing the evidence of wrong doing within the White House? Absolutely. However, when our major news organizations are the very lap dogs of the administration who are regurgitating everything they are told to say by the administration, we have a state controlled media reminiscent of former Soviet propaganda organizations like Tass and Pravda during the “cold war” era.

A state controlled media

Media Credit: FOX News

The refusal of our main stream media to not only report the facts but to be complicit in the obstruction of justice is tantamount to Woodward and Bernstein aiding Nixon in the Watergate cover-up in the words of Rush Limbaugh in his analogy of the Benghazi fiasco. We are witnessing the destruction of our Republican form of Constitutional government when it refuses to honor our First Amendment rights.

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