President Obama calls Mitt Romney a bullshitter?

GOP candidate former Governor, Mitt Romney, anything but a bullshitter.

By Doc Vega

Recently the President showed his true colors once again when he called, Mitt Romney, his GOP opponent, a “bullshitter” this was not only unbecoming of a US President’s behavior, but an insulting remark to a man (Mitt Romney) who has run a very decent and unambiguous campaign. Many would say that Mitt Romney is too nice. Let us go further though. Why did President Obama call Mitt Romney a bullshitter? There must have been a reason. There must have been some basis in fact that made the President react in such a desperate and disrespectful manner.

Failure of Democratic economic policy

There is an answer. The uncouth remark emitted by Obama was over Romney’s claims of being able to cut taxes, increase job growth, and even cut corporate taxes to provide an incentive to bring employers and corporate investment back into the US from offshore. The Democrats feel that in order to grant any relief from taxes to Americans, government revenue must come from somewhere, but Romney’s plan just like the successful strategy of his predecessor, Ronald Reagan is based upon increasing tax revenue by taxing more workers less rather than taxing fewer workers more. Slashing the size of big government by closing unnecessary federal departments and agencies, is also an option to be pursued. You never hear President Obama or the Democrats talk in terms of cutting the size of the government.

The Democrats have absolutely demonstrated that they lack the comprehension of economics and job creation with their policies and the grim statistics of Americans who are either unemployed, under employed, or have quit searching for a job (23 million) prove it. The only reason that unemployment came down to 7.8% in the last almost 4 years was due to large amounts of the work force seeking disability and thus being removed from the unemployment rolls. If one were to count all of the people who have fallen off the unemployment rolls that the government uses to compute the official numbers, the actual unemployment percentage would be over 10% and even climbing to 16% in some economically ravaged sections of the country. Colorado, in fact, considered to be a swing state, has at least 7 counties that are experiencing 20% unemployment.

Supply side economics – a proven track record

So, is there any basis in fact for the President’s obscene comment toward Mitt Romney? No. Where as the Democrats have hung their hats on Keynesian economics that have simply caused bigger government, more spending to stimulate jobs, and higher taxes to fund the vicious circle, Romney will rely on the time-tested methodology of “Supply Side” economics. This approach made President Ronald Reagan a hero at a time during the deep recession of the mid 1980’s caused by the Carter administration policies, that the US was seeing the same economic despair as we are today. Reagan’s policies created more than 20 million jobs. The liberals have attempted to dispute what Reagan did. They have claimed that this was a different place and a different time, but that is only a pointless narrative. The fact remains indisputably.

Jimmy Carter had much the same approach as Obama. Telling Americans they didn’t work hard enough. President Carter told Americans that we deserved the economic decline we got as a result of American global policies just as President Obama has ambivalently said time and again. Much like the Carter administration that suffered huge foreign policy setbacks, deployed a failed rescue attempt during the Iranian Hostage Crisis that left two US Army helicopters crashed with no survivors, and shamed US prestige around the world, so has the Obama administration. The President’s weakened and apologetic foreign relations have shown a lack of resolve that encouraged the bold attacks of our enemies who assaulted and burned 20 US consulates and embassies throughout the Arab world. To make matters worse, once President Obama ordered a stand down of in extremis rescue forces that were within easy reach of the embattled US embassy in Libya, the death warrant of our ambassador and four of his staff had been signed. These are the timeless parallels of capitulation demonstrated by liberal policies embraced by both the Carter administration and the Obama White House.

No teacher like practical experience

Mitt Romney understands economics. He created jobs and amassed wealth through his keen understanding of economic principles that restore prosperity and dignity to people who want to work. When Bain Capital’s venture capitalist success spawned Staples, a prominent, retail office supply chain in an already competitive market and created 90,000 jobs doing it, I think Mitt Romney pretty well established his ability to silence critics or doubters. Even Former President Bill Clinton acknowledged Mitt Romney’s abilities and business accomplishments as “stellar”.

When you have no record to run on smear, accuse, and attack

Yet, the Democrats and President Obama have adopted a program of slander and class warfare to vilify the achievements of Mitt Romney, trying to make him into a monster for being successful and affluent when, in fact, he has contributed greatly to society making money for his clients and creating jobs doing so. In comparison, President Obama has never held a private sector job, and has led a politically radical existence with organizations like ACORN that have instructed their constituents how to break the law through voter fraud which Obama’s Department of Justice has refused to prosecute. The truth is that the President has no economic experience or where with all. He simply wants to use federal government deficit spending and confiscatory tax policy to stimulate job growth in an economy already suffering from over-regulation and excessive taxation. The only reason that Obama can ever claim that he did not raise taxes is because he allowed Bush tax cuts to continue while claiming these tax cuts were for the rich and wealthy. In truth, the Bush tax cuts reduced taxes for every segment of society from lower-income to middle class and beyond.

The Milt Friedman legacy that worked before

Romney’s plan to create jobs is based upon the supply side economic plans of Milt Friedman, a well-known economist, whose philosophy hinged on getting the feds out-of-the-way, allowing the private sector to do what it does best without restrictive regulations, and lowering income taxes to allow citizens to take their increased earnings and create economic stimulus by spending money on retail goods and services. Friedman emphasized lowering corporate taxes to allow employers to hire and reinvest in the US economy right here instead of being driven offshore by high taxes. President Reagan adopted this strategy and the US economy went through a mercurial recovery of job creation and prosperity that was unprecedented in history.

Even with a hostile Democrat Congress and Senate, Ronald Reagan pulled off the most impressive economic recovery in history, resurrected the faltering US military, and in doing so, forced the Soviet Union into an economic collapse which brought an end to the “Cold War”. The Berlin Wall came down as well thanks to President Reagan’s policies. Mankind as a whole benefited by something we call “Supply Side” economics which the Democrats have absolutely refused to embrace. Relying instead on steep deficits to fund government sanctioned social engineering projects in order to buy the votes of lower-income citizens. As Ronald Reagan once pointed out
“the best social program is a job”.

On the humanitarian side of the coin  

Mitt Romney has adopted the tenets of supply side economics that President Reagan embraced from Milt Friedman. Mitt Romney’s life, success, and personal generosity is a direct reflection of such conduct. The times in America have not changed and prevented these important guideposts from being relevant today. Just because President Obama cannot comprehend how allowing personal and economic freedom to flourish unfettered by government interference as an economic remedy does not give him the right to make such a crass and low-class remark about his capable and highly successful opponent, Mitt Romney.

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