Nine Electoral College predictions have Obama ahead

The Denver Post has put out a compilation of Nine Electoral College  Maps that suggest an Obama win next Tuesday.
It would probably have been better journalism to include those who disagree with the conclusion.  For  example, Michael Barone has come to a different conclusion.  We at Politisite still see the race as a Toss-up as our map suggests.  We also have provided our election Politisite Political Projections that show at least eight states are tossups and could go either way.
But to be fair we thought  it would be good for our readers to see what others are saying about the Obama, Romney Presidential election:
With the clock ticking down to Election Day, most political prognosticators see President Obama winning re-election, though his Electoral College count varies from 281 — just 11 votes over the 270 needed to win — to 332, below his 2008 win but still a healthy margin.
The nine predictions below agree on a few swing states: Romney will win North Carolina; Obama will win Nevada, Ohio, Iowa and New Hampshire. They differ on Colorado, Virginia and Florida, however.

See the Maps – Nine Electoral College predictions have Obama ahead – The Denver Post.

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