Government think tank recommends infiltrating conspiracy websites

By Doc Vega

In the wake of many corrupt politicians and controversies over the bombings in London after 9-11, among other suspect disasters, a prominent British think tank made a recommendation that all conspiracy groups and websites should be infiltrated. Rationalizing that such web traffic and followers of these theories were growing in numbers, and thus, ruining the credibility of the government and its own official version of the events for the matter of public record. To save face, better for the government just to invade the privacy of others.

40 czars operating independently of Congress and Senate

Here in the United States we see the same rationale adopted by one of President Obama’s czars such as, Cass Sunstein

Motto of the CIA engraved in their flooring at Langley

The legendary symbol of the CIA engraved in their flooring in Langley Headquarters.

, who has advocated the same strategy, but has even urged oppressive government policy to go further. Simply obliterate the opposing voice to the official position of the White House.  The people don’t have the right to debate or protest against what they don’t approve of. Shut down conspiracy theory websites, close down conservative radio talk shows, force conservative TV hosts to shut down their programs. Force Christian radio that makes political commentary to withdraw. Cass Sunstein epitomizes the Obama White House’s original agenda since 2008 of silencing other political ideologies. With the liberal US media once again doing every thing they can to black out negative news stories about the President, provide unlimited air time for him, that no opposing candidate could ever afford to pay for, and continually polishing Obama’s image with as much biased reporting as possible, he naturally has a huge advantage over his opponents.

A reversion back to McCarthyism

This troubling specter of fascism has reared its ugly head several times before. During the McCarthy witch hunts when innocent Americans could have their reputations ruined by having any contact or ties with the American Communist Party during a desperate phase of the “Cold War” era. Many were called upon to be subjected to humiliating public interrogations.

Raiding civilian UFO organizations

During the 1950’s and early 60’s stepped up government surveillance and infiltration emerged in reaction to civilian UFO groups who were actively observing the skies and undertaking detailed reporting of aerial events that were sometimes X-plane experiments or missile tests as opposed to actual UFO sightings. Even the CIA began infiltrating these UFO organizations after an impressive unknown aerial object gave an astonishing display as a number of dinner guests attended a CIA directors evening lawn party in 1954. The acting director, at the time, ordered enhanced civilian surveillance once the realization that the Air Force indeed did not have full control of US air space in light of the bewildering UFO sighting that inadvertently entertained his guests for quite some time.

The well-known and respected NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon) was comprised of former CIA Directors, generals, and high-ranking officers who resented the government’s official position on UFO’s as being a policy of repudiation and denial. They began extracting crucial proof from their Pentagon sources they still maintained while in the service of their country. As controversial sightings increased and information that would have been locked down continued to leak out to the press, the CIA began a campaign of planting disguised members who were agents as well as board members with a  hidden agenda which was to ruin the integrity of the organization through disinformation. Unfortunately, they succeeded in doing just that.

Donald Keyhoe, famed writer of the UFO phenomenon, former Marine Major, and Assistant to Charles Lindbergh during World War II had been NICAP’s director for some time until the CIA disruptions and well-coordinated disinformation caused the organization to change course and completely contradict its original mission statement.  No longer would they be making objective reports and questioning the government’s secrecy with superior field data collection and witness testimony. NICAP was doomed to disband once the CIA had turned up the pressure and imposed their covert will upon an organization that had been the most professional and well documented research group of its kind.

Destructive government intervention in the normal lives of its people

This is how destructive to the positive efforts of citizens government corruption and secrecy can be. When well-intentioned activism is deterred under covert and even illegal duress that can be exerted by secret intelligence operations that function only to serve the agenda of the federal government while not necessarily being in the best interests of the people of the United States. In the same way, we see normal citizens who want Constitutional compliance from their Congress, Senate, Judiciary, and executive branches having a war waged against them by the liberal zealots of the Obama administration, who think they have the right to force others to accept their obsessive demands for coerced change that violate the laws in order to serve their purposes.

Words to consider

America is not and was never intended to be the mirror image of Soviet style oppression and intimidation as we have witnessed under the Obama White House. Compulsory conformity to a particular political ideology (liberalism) is not within the great heritage of American tradition. This nation did not become a bastion of freedom and liberty sought after by the world by adopting the fascist-like oppression of 40 Obama White House czars beyond the purview of the Congress and Senate, who are forcing America into a direction never intended by our forefathers or by the principles that we stand for.

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