Florida Grand Jury Indicts President Obama and Joe Biden

By Doc Vega

A Federal Grand Jury in Ocala, Florida has found President Obama and Vice President, Joe Biden guilty of public disclosure of classified information concerning the raid on the Osama Bin Laden compound in Pakistan that has threatened national security. The verdict was handed down 6:02 pm on October twenty-ninth. Furthermore, the indictment lists a number of other violations concerning the cyber attack against Iran’s nuclear facility, along with US and Israeli war plans for future contingencies with Iran.

As a result of the exposure of these highly sensitive materials, members of Navy Seal Team six were killed by terrorists, Covert American operatives in Pakistan were captured and jailed, including Bin Laden’s personal physician who aided the Navy Seal raid while US and Israeli strategic plans over possible war with Iran were compromised. For this, the federal grand jury voted unanimously to indict President Obama and VP Biden. A true bill of indictment was issued by the citizens of Ocala, Florida upon weighing all the evidence submitted. Now the President and VP have become defendants to be arraigned by the court to answer to these charges.

Attorney,Larry Klayman, who presented the evidence to the federal grand jury in Ocala, FL says that this court will perform its duty in prosecuting the President and VP for what the Washington DC courts and prosecutors have been too cowardly and politically influenced to do. For too long public prosecutors appointed by politicians have looked the other way as high public officials like Obama and Biden have broken the law to suit their political agendas. Klayman says now the people must exercise their rights given to them by the framers of the Constitution in restoring some semblance of legality.

You might recall that Larry Klayman has represented the People of the United States in prior questions of President Obama’s challenged eligibility last year in trying to bring justice to the nation. Like Doctor Orly Taitz

Obama White House embroiled in numerous scandals that should make the President sweat.

, he attempted to vet the President for his alleged violations of ID fraud in failing to be qualified to appear on the Presidential state ballots as Democratic Party candidate. However, we already know how many times judges and state officials refused to appropriately respond and deny the President qualification. Larry now hopes to reclaim the Constitutional Republic from the grip of Washington DC and restore the nation as it was intended by our forefathers who conceived this great country. The prosecution by a federal court in Ocala, Florida will the first step in his plans to put the US federal government back on a Constitutional footing as more indictments of other wrongdoers are sent for evaluation by the grand jury as well.

In the words of Attorney, Larry Klayman, “ Obama and Biden will now be tried in a court of law and I am confident they will be convicted of these alleged crimes.”

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