What this election is really about?

First Continental Congress drafts Declaration of Independence

By Doc Vega

The coming election here in 2012 is more than just a referendum on the economy as the Romney election campaign has tried to emphasize for lack of being forced to fight an even more complex battle. It is more than a question of the cost of energy. This Presidential race has been even more than about the towering federal deficit that threatens to cause runaway inflation as the Federal Reserve unleashes QE-3. This election is about preserving the very heritage of the American Constitutional Republic.

What does that mean? For those of you who still don’t get it, you college students who have been naively listening to the President’s rhetorical speeches, you who have never bothered to stop and consider why this nation was founded, or you who can’t comprehend the difference in political ideologies, I will tell you.

The original intentions for the US Republic

Our founding fathers never intended the federal government to be anything but limited and cost effective. Their experience with King George’s tyrannical regime that taxed without representation and over regulated, even forcing the colonists to accept foreign currency that caused inflation, only strengthened their resolve. That resolve was to keep government in its place, relying on it as little as possible. Our forefathers intended free enterprise and self reliance as a responsibility of every citizen. This concept is the core value that defines American exceptionalism.  It is the beauty of system of economics that allows each and every American to share in the prosperity of opportunity based upon their ambition and honest work ethic.

Religion as a guiding light within the Republic

Yes, America is also about being able to practice religious freedom as long as it does not infringe upon others or incite violence. The Judeo Christian morality is a driving force in our laws, acknowledged by just about every one of the framers of the US Constitution that mandated an ethical and faith based conscience within not only our society, but our government. This combination of morality, work ethic, and limited government define the cornerstone of America as many of us grew up to know and were taught in our public schools.

You don’t leave the keys to the hen-house with a fox

So, what happened over the last two decades? The progressive, liberal, Democratic, agenda has continually hacked away at the values that I stated earlier. They have rebelled against every system, every time proven method that has defined success for America and her people. Attempting to socially engineer our society with welfare and entitlement at huge costs, deficit spending to achieve a voter mandate foreign to the heritage of this nation, Democrats have virtually adopted a Communist doctrine that has been brazenly force-fed to the American public whether they liked, wanted it, or not. The stated objectives of the American Communist Party in 1963 have all but been attained. Even in the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx, two essential planks of socialism defined by him and given as a reason for the eventual failure of western civilization were the imposition of taxation without representation and over regulation as key factors that would cause a collapse of the capitalist system.

The results of out of control spending

What have we seen in the recent developments of our own government and society? It now takes 16 trillion dollars annually to run our over-sized government. Our military black operations have an unrestricted cart Blanche went it comes to a budget. The entire GDP of the US economy is only roughly 14.5 trillion yearly. That means that tax revenues will have to increase significantly under present policies which are highly incompatible with our traditional system. Government should never outgrow the size of the economy. This is a sure sign something is wrong. This means that the cost of operating President Obama’s vision of a micro managing, swollen, federal government is literally suffocating our society. We can’t afford the cost of it. Democrats would simply have us pay more and more taxes while they spend and spend and tell us that we must sacrifice the quality of our lives for the good of the 47% who exist on federal subsidy and whose vote Obama and the Democrats have bought by unleashing their confiscatory policies upon the middle class.

Catastrophic currency repercussions

This must stop or the nation is doomed! If Obama is re-elected, the projected federal deficit will likely reach 20 trillion, continued dilution of the US dollar by the Federal Reserve’s incessant paper printing remedy will cause a collapse in the value of the US dollar. The US dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world. The US government will be forced to borrow money at higher and higher rates of interest thus increasing the costs of goods and services because of the devaluation of our currency. However, Democratic policy seems unconcerned with the ramifications to American society as long as they are at the helm.

The perilous crossroads

This election, more than any Presidential election is perhaps the most pivotal moment in US history. Will the literal heart and soul of America’s great heritage survive, or will the false narratives, lies, and propaganda of the last 4 years convince the gullible, uninvested, and apathetic public that we are in a new era where individual freedoms are no longer important? Will the deceptions of the Obama White House supersede the self-evident truths defined by our forefathers who established the role of government and the rights of the individual in our US Constitution?

This is the true battleground where the essential differences and ideologies will literally come face to face. This is where the divisiveness of President Obama’s rhetoric meets the truth, and what Americans are going to accept as the future of the nation. With the changing demographics of illegal immigrants who have been allowed to swarm over our borders by a Department of Justice who has attacked the states for enforcing federal immigration laws, we have seen the kind of voters that the Democrat party is pandering to simply in order to remain in control, in order to impose their rule.

An eternal truth

This coming November sixth is a showdown. It will define who won out over truth, justice, and the American way. Will propaganda and false narratives have succeeded in convincing Americans that another 4 years of the Obama White House is actually feasible, tolerable, or even acceptable? Will, the American people have awoken from the false promises of a dream state that was never intended to deliver anymore than what we have fought our enemies all over the world over? Freedom is nothing to take for granted nor is it guaranteed by even the government when the people are asleep at the wheel.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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