Lethal Words of an American President

By Joe Keck

“I warned that there should be no place on Earth where terrorists can rest and train and practice their deadly skills. I meant it. I said that we would act with others if possible, and alone if necessary, to ensure that terrorists have no sanctuary anywhere . . . tonight, we have.”

Those are not the words of Barrack Obama. They are the words of President Ronald Reagan on April 14th, 1989, two hours after American bombers attacked five different military targets in Libya in response to a terrorist bombing of a Berlin nightclub, a nightclub often frequented by U.S. servicemen. Two U.S. soldiers were killed, a Turkish woman, and more than two hundred others were injured. It took Reagan nine days to rain down on the murdering Libyans America’s wrath with more than capable firepower.


Fast forward to our current President. Speaking in the Rose Garden at the White House, President Obama told reporters the September 11th attack on our embassy in Libya would not break the bonds between the US and the new Libyan government. “Make no mistake,” he added, “justice will be done.

“So far, that “justice” has been waiting almost three weeks.

Okay, okay, perhaps Obama isn’t as quick as Reagan with his Woodshed walloping, but eventually I’m sure there will be a proper and fitting ‘response’ from the White House, right? Obama, like Reagan, will make good on his powerful and terrifying words, “justice will be done” and rain down a good, strong, and dreaded jail sentence for the terrorists who tortured and murdered our fellow American citizens and soldiers. After all, he did say that, “There will probably be some times where we bump up against some of these countries and have strong disagreements”.

I’d say four Americans being killed under the supposed protection of our host nation is bumping up against some of these countries. I’d say torturing our ambassador then killing him and dragging his body through the streets could be firmly ensconced in the weighty category of a strong disagreement.

And speaking of bumping, I wonder if Chris Stevens’ family is satisfied with his murder being considered by our Commander in Chief a “bump in the road”.

Obama also said of the Middle East situation, “People have to be able to participate in their own governance”.

There’s wherein lies the intrinsic problem. Does that sound like, “By the People, for the People, and of the People”?

Sounds more like, “By the Government (oh, yeah, and by the People) For the Government (okay, yes, for the People, sheesh!) and Of the Government (geeze! alright, OF the People, too).

The current White House occupant (willingly or knowingly, with regard to outcome it doesn’t matter which) is – to be kind – confused about the system of “governance” our Founding fathers set up.

But getting back to the subject at hand. I do realize that It’s a tremendously difficult thing to bomb another country. I don’t want to make light of it. Many times, the innocent are killed along with the guilty. But sadly, that’s the nature of war. However, that’s why we elect the strong and brave as our heads of government, those like Ronald Reagan, who are up to the task.

Some are not up to the task.

And lest you think me evasive or otherwise reluctant to name names, Let me be clear . . . Barrack Obama is not up to the task!

He is not up to the task of getting our economy thriving. He is not up to the task of strengthening America’s military might in order to deter our enemies from bold and violent aggression.

And Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyron Woods, and Sean Smith, the four Americans recently killed in Libya, prove he’s not up to the task of protecting American lives at our overseas embassies.

I’m not saying that Barrack Obama, or any President for that matter, can stop all terrorist attacks. Not in the least. What I am saying, is that the President of the United States of America has within his power to respond with a terrible and awesome rein of fire that will have any country absolutely petrified to allow any of their countrymen to harm any of our people on their soil.

Hey, Obama. We’re coming up on three weeks for ‘justice to be done’ and we’re still waiting . . .

Will Obama mirror Reagan’s tenacious and lethal words: “I said that we would act with others, if possible and alone if necessary, to ensure that terrorists have no sanctuary anywhere”.

I won’t hold my breath.

About the Author

Joe Keck is a writer of horror, thriller, suspense, and other fiction, some poetry and music, with the occasional op-ed piece on current events, politics, and theology. Although born in Oklahoma, he was taken to Los Angeles when he was an infant, or as his mother described, "the ugliest little thing I've ever seen", and raised there on the West Coast. He considers himself to be far superior to most on the artistic merits of film and literature, seeing the vast majority of such to be well below adequate. He has four novels and many short stories to his credit, and hopes to one day have them published, promising to hold critics like himself in harsh derision. He's currently restoring a Jason 35 sailboat and plans to sail the world, writing horror stories, and marveling at the illustrative works of the Creator and His Divine story-telling imagery. You may Find Joe's Website at http://www.joekeck.com/

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