Obama Is Burning!

By Joe Keck


Not literally, but  figuratively.

He made many promises in his first bid for the Presidency such as cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term.

That went up in flames.

He said he’d close Gitmo.

Also up in flames.

He said he would create 5 million Green jobs.

Up in flames.

He said he’d bring Republicans and Democrats together to get much needed legislation passed.


He said he’d secure our borders.


He touted that lobbyists would be a thing of the past in his administration. According to The Washington Post’s ‘Politics’ page on line, “It was an unremarkable January day, with a steady stream of lobbyists among the thousands of daily visitors to the White House and the surrounding executive office buildings, according to a Washington Post analysis of visitor logs released by the administration.”

So, yet again, flames.

He would reduce Federal pay, “. . . make spending cuts easier”, lower healthcare premiums, protect Social Security, blah, blah, blah . . . all this and much more, blazing nicely and warming the American people.

And so is Obama, in a sense.

Our soft and cuddly Muslim friends in the East are burning images of the Commander in Chief in effigy in protest because of – according to Whitehouse Press Secretary, Jay Carney – a youtube video.

Whew! Thanks for clearing that up for us, Jay. It’s good to know that it isn’t because of Barack Obama that they’re burning images of Barack Obama. I mean, after all, he said he was uniquely qualified to be President in these precarious times of geo-political uncertainty.

“I truly believe that the day I’m inaugurated, not only does the country look at itself differently but that the would looks at America differently.”

He said the Muslim world knows that he, “. . . understand(s) their point of view” and that he “traveled there all the way through my college years” and is “intimately concerned with what happens in these countries and the cultures and perspectives that these folks have” and that “the world will have confidence I am listening to them” and that all of this, “will “ultimately make us safer”.

Here’s just a sampling of that safety according to an online article from Reuters: In Libya, authorities said they had made four arrests in the investigation into the attack that killed ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americas in Benghazi on Tuesday.

Hundreds of Yemenis broke through the main gate of the heavily fortified U.S. embassy compound in the capital Sanaa, shouting “We sacrifice ourselves for you, Messenger of God.” They smashed windows of security offices outside the embassy and burned cars.

In Egypt, protesters hurled stones at a police cordon around the U.S. embassy in central Cairo after climbing into the embassy compound and tearing down the American flag. The state news agency said 13 people were hurt in violence which erupted late on Wednesday, following initial protests on Tuesday.

Oh, wait . . . hold on. Obama said that all this lovey-dovey peace and understanding would happen the day he’s inaugurated.

I guess he’s got us there, none of this was happening THE DAY HE WAS INAUGURATED.

I wouldn’t put it past Carney to make such and absurd stipulation.

Well, it certainly is comforting to know that our President has it all under control due to his trips to Muslim counties when he was in college.

We’ll all sleep well tonight, that’s for sure.

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Joe Keck is a writer of horror, thriller, suspense, and other fiction, some poetry and music, with the occasional op-ed piece on current events, politics, and theology. Although born in Oklahoma, he was taken to Los Angeles when he was an infant, or as his mother described, "the ugliest little thing I've ever seen", and raised there on the West Coast. He considers himself to be far superior to most on the artistic merits of film and literature, seeing the vast majority of such to be well below adequate. He has four novels and many short stories to his credit, and hopes to one day have them published, promising to hold critics like himself in harsh derision. He's currently restoring a Jason 35 sailboat and plans to sail the world, writing horror stories, and marveling at the illustrative works of the Creator and His Divine story-telling imagery. You may Find Joe's Website at http://www.joekeck.com/

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