Hey God, You’re Outta’ Here!

by Joe Keck


Well, what we all knew but were afraid to say was proven true last week at the Democrat National Convention:

The Democrats have no use for God.

Nor Israel, incidentally.

The DNC Platform on God, and Israel being our most valued ally with Jerusalem as its capitol had a place in their previous convention Platforms, but were removed for the 2012 gala. Then, one of the delegates requested they be put back into the party’s plank (they claim it was Obama that insisted on this). So, they took a vote on it.


Each time, the people on the floor screamed out a big enthusiastic and hearty “NO” on adopting the reinsertion.

All three of those times.

Naturally, the gavel came down in favor of the adoption.

You read right. They passed it. Even with the No’s out doing the Yes’s.

Although I have to admit, it was close, the Yay’s and Nay’s. God was almost accepted by the Democrats, but I think rejecting the Creator of the universe pulled ahead just a bit. Hell, they even booed The Man Upstairs seconds after the vote! You gotta’ give the floor crowd credit for guts. How many people would boo God?

It was undeniable that there was a two-thirds voice vote in the affirmative, as the Dems would have us believe. That’s what is required to pass such a re-installment. Don’t take my word for it, go to You Tube. It’s there for all to see.

So, afterward, what did the Democrats do? Denied it, of course. They must think their followers are nothing more than brain-dead idiots. Jesse Jackson told Sean Hannity that he wasn’t sure it was a two-thirds vote.

Hey Jesse, I’m sure. IT WASN”T!

He’s sure, too.

And so is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin and every other Democrat who heard the shouts out against our Lord that night.

God heard it, too.

This is new. John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt, they, among others, didn’t pull God from their platforms. In the past, the Democrats have always claimed to be under the auspices of God, even when they were beating their African slaves for trying to learn to read so that they could study the Bible. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true. Frederick Douglass speaks to this in his book, My Bondage and My Freedom. Every American – every person – should read that. It’s wonderful, and not a little disturbing.

But it’s a new day, a day of enlightenment, a day of Darwin, Rationalism, women having the choice to kill their own children. Who needs the outmoded concept of some all-powerful being watching our every move and demanding we obey His Edicts?

Apparently not the Democrats.

I must say, it’s quite fitting for a Party that supports Gay marriage, no prayer in schools, and the murder of millions of babies each year, to want to extricate the one true Holy Creator of freedom itself, and incidentally, the Creator of EVERYTHING, from their midst.

Oh well, if they’re not interested in God being recognized as an official influence in their political organization, there’s always another supra-natural being they might want to check out. Saul Alinsky, inspiration for Both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, admired this one quite a bit. That top dog in the Angelic hierarchy didn’t want to have anything to do with God either, so he had to vacate the premises. He will be residing in, shall we say, warmer climes, at The End of the Age.

And he won’t be lonely!

Bottom line, if the Democrats yank God from their Party, the Party of Compassion, there’s one tantalizing question lingering in the corner like an uninvited guest . . . who will they put in His place?

God only knows.

Well, maybe we do, too.




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Joe Keck is a writer of horror, thriller, suspense, and other fiction, some poetry and music, with the occasional op-ed piece on current events, politics, and theology. Although born in Oklahoma, he was taken to Los Angeles when he was an infant, or as his mother described, "the ugliest little thing I've ever seen", and raised there on the West Coast. He considers himself to be far superior to most on the artistic merits of film and literature, seeing the vast majority of such to be well below adequate. He has four novels and many short stories to his credit, and hopes to one day have them published, promising to hold critics like himself in harsh derision. He's currently restoring a Jason 35 sailboat and plans to sail the world, writing horror stories, and marveling at the illustrative works of the Creator and His Divine story-telling imagery. You may Find Joe's Website at http://www.joekeck.com/

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