Democratic Convention, Night One by Joe Keck

Well, the Dems got off to a great start.

I guess. I didn’t see the very beginning, so I assume it went well, and apparently it did.

I came in during Pat Quinn’s speech. He’s a governor from Illinois. He said that Obama bettered the welfare system and those who receive benefits by making states move 20% more people to work.

What he didn’t say is that states are given the flexibility to call planting roses in your garden “work.”

Harry Reid, senate majority leader, said that the American people don’t know Mitt Romney, but they do know Obama. According to famous news anchor, Tom Brokaw, the people didn’t know Obama when he took office.

Yeah, but – and here I’ll use the Liberal staid and rock solid argument – “That’s different.”

They had intermittent short films up on the big screen during the presentation, and one had a young college student saying that his Pell grant, “paid for everything.” If our colleges were doing a good job of educating the next generation, then he would know that it isn’t the Pell grant that “paid for everything”.


To a Liberal, Pell grants, Welfare, Subsidies to corporations, Loans to businesses, bail-outs for big auto companies, and everything of the like, are all bloated sacks of money just sitting in the basement of the Whitehouse, ready for the Government to hand out the cash. Those who are stupid think it just grows there, those who are not but know that the stupid are stupid, know they can convince them that it just grows there.

Note to the stupid: Every dollar that comes from the Federal Government’s hand was taken from a working citizen’s pocket.

Rosa DeLauro, House Rep. from Connecticut, was animated and outraged that a woman makes only 70% of what a man makes in this (apparently sexist) country.

Guess she’s not all that incensed that Obama pays his Whitehouse female staff less than he pays his men.

According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000).

Yeah, but . . . that’s different.

And speaking of work, one of the themes that permeated the mood at last night’s gathering was that if you work hard, stick with it, and accept responsibility, then you can live the American Dream and get ahead.

Note to the DNC: Getting ahead is NOT the American Dream. Doing whatever you wish with your life and being able to keep the vast majority of the fruits of your labor is!

They had an Iraq veteran, Nathan Davis, who claims to be a Christian, telling us that Obama has showed more compassion for veterans than any other President he’s seen (he looked to be in his 20’s, so how many Presidents could that be?). He even suggested to the many veterans out there struggling to make it in the civilized world, that they should believe in God.

Question to Mr. Davis: How can you, as a Christian, vote for someone who equates Mohamed with Christ, considers homosexuality merely an alternative lifestyle, and has signed a death warrant on millions of babies?

I don’t expect a cogent answer.

They finally ended the evening’s festivities with the very lovely Michelle Obama giving a rousing and, I must say, quite eloquent speech. She did over do it, though. The stuttering at the beginning of each sentence was a bit much. Her acting coach should have caught it.

But then again, I suppose she should keep the performance as it is. The Democrat constituency will swallow it all, hook, line and sinker, no matter the histrionics.

It’s the old joke. What happens when more stupid people vote than smart people?

Democrats are elected.

Sadly, it’s no joke.

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