Who Took the Gold at the RNC?

by Joe Keck

Yes, that’s the big question.

The Republican National Convention got off the ground yesterday and I’m sure everyone is wondering who was the most impressive.

I think I can answer that.

Who indeed, was the sexiest female speaker of the night? It was close, but I think Sher Valenzuela, with those black horn-rimmed glasses, had to be the . . .

Just kidding.

I suppose we can stay away from the fluff for the time being, and get to the substance of this year’s Republican National Convention. And since we’re not Democrats, that would be policy.

Note that every speaker targeted Obama’s administrating, not his person. They talked about how his policies were lacking, how his liberal ideas were driving this country into debt, despair, even poverty. All legitimate if harsh complaints, to be sure, but I might point out that no one said he was going to push old people over a cliff, deprive women of healthcare, or leave the handicapped to, “fend for themselves”.

The President’s disastrous governance these past four years has given the Republicans plenty of ammo, so they don’t need scare tactics.

Obama does. That’s all he has.

But as to who was the best of the night, everyone was looking to Chris Christie to take the gold. He was the keynote speaker, and with a reputation for being quite the bulldog, he was expected to go at it, delivering a blow right into the gut of the opposition. A friend of mine was excited about how he was going to throw Obama the knockout punch at end the festivities.

But he didn’t.

If I remember correctly, Christie didn’t even mention the President’s name. I guess, yet again, we’re taking “the high-ground”. And thank heavens for that! If we didn’t, the Main Stream Media might say bad things about us.

But okay, I get it. The Republican National Convention is where we get the campaign going, where we get our fight off the ground and into full swing, presenting our candidate to the whole country. It’s no place for petty name-calling and childish squabbling. But I wish Christie would have at least said the man’s name, put a stamp on the reject folder, so to speak.

Oh well.

Back to the title of this article. Who won? Who was the best? Who deserves to stand on the elevated center platform and have the striped ribbon with the first-place medallion placed around their neck? There were some very good speakers, some impressive, some not so.

Ann Romney was good. She was very pretty, had a wonderfully cute laugh, was vibrant and lovely, and I would almost accuse her of lying when she let slip that she was over 60. I could hardly believe it. The woman looked great! She was even in the running for the sexiest . . .

Sorry. Guy thing.

But she didn’t take the gold for the night’s best.

Another one, Ted Cruze from New Mexico, gave a great peregrinate speech, full of emotion and substance that hit at the heart of what Conservatives are all about. He gets the silver, without a doubt.

Nikki Haley was spot on and a close candidate for the sexiest female speaker of the . . . (ahem)

Anyway, she was very strong. She looked great, sounded great, and gave us many reasons to get rid of the current Whitehouse occupant. Very nice. I’d say a strong bronze.

There were some honorable mentions, but for the sake of space, let’s get to the winner of the evening’s event.

Without a doubt, the gold medal has to go to the very personable and grandiloquent Rick Santorum. He was amazing! Smooth, graceful, velvety even, and yet he had such pathos, rivaling anything I’ve ever heard. The part about the hands he’s held was fantastic! And when he got to the part about the little mentally challenged hands of the children with disabilities, wow! That actually brought tears to my eyes. The man was far and away above the rest of the night’s speakers, including Christie.

Now, I want to be a loyal Republican, difficult as that may be with the Establishment’s white-knuckled grip on our Party, but I have to be honest for the sake of my readers.

Santorum should have been our candidate.

We should have him as our lead guy and Romney – if anything – as his running mate.

But alas, I suppose the Republican Party knows best. I’m just glad Obama’s our opponent. I think just about any Republican could win with his economy.

When McCain ran against him, Obama hadn’t devastated the country at that point, so I can see how many bought into his oleaginous speeches. Not me, of course, but those facile and shallow-thinking voters who were duped by his ‘style over substance’ presentation are now well informed of Barack Obama’s leftist Liberal philosophies and practices.

But I digress.

Yes, Rick Santorum was the best of the night, and I suspect may have given one of the best addresses of the entire Convention. I hope not, I really do. I hope that we have greater moments yet to come, but it’s hard to imagine a better one than that. But there’s three more nights to go, so we’ll see.

Okay, that’s my take. Hope I didn’t dampen anyone’s excitement about Romney. I’m no fan, but I’m not as scalded as I was with John McCain. That ridiculous choice should have gotten the Republicans a swift trip to the woodshed!

I’ll be watching the next few nights to see the hugely anticipated ‘quad-annual’ event and comment as it unfolds. So worry not, the Keckster is on it!

And by the way, Sher Valenzuela gets the gold for the sexiest female speaker.

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