Todd Akin (R-MO) The GOP And The DNC/Media Cabal

Todd Akin - Caricature

By: Edmund Jenks – West Coast Editor

Todd Akin says he’s not quitting. The GOP congressman insists he’s in the Missouri Senate race to the end, despite the fact that most of the Republican Party hierarchy is pressing him to step down. He hasn’t done anything morally or ethically wrong, and the furor over his use of the phrase “legitimate rape” when talking about pregnancy and abortion is an overreaction, Mr. Akin said Tuesday on Mike Huckabee’s radio show.

“What we’re doing here is standing on a principle of what America is,” said Akin.

OK then. It appears he’s going to continue his quest to unseat Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. Could he actually win?

This posted on the Facebook page of Edmund Jenks –

Asked by Laura IngrahamWill Republicans dumping Akin further embolden the Left to pick off other GOP candidates for misstatements?

Answer by Edmund Jenks – Of course.

Akin, who is a fool, actually got through an interview with Matt Lauer in fair shape. If the GOP and the Romney Ryan ticket takes this subject head-on with the winning of hearts and minds approach that has worked well over this last decade, then by the November election we should be in good shape.

Akin will not move himself out, he won the “open” primary fairly in a hotly contested race, he needs all the support he can get to beat Claire McCaskill who, as we all know, voted FOR Obamacare, was in agreement with leadership to operate the country with NO BUDGET in 1,211 days, and voted to pass this tremendous increase in Government spending (over 6 Trillion dollars) during her last term in office … and this is just a good start as to why the GOP should suck it up and support Akin against McCaskill!

It is important not to shrink away from a challenge by the Progressive left and the willing arm of the media in this. Do as they do and hit this stuff head-on. I am not condoning the use of this answer to any question surrounding abortion but it must be pointed out that the terms used to parse out levels of the act of rape are used by our Government on their websites


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