My Style- By C.J. Watkins

I’m sure that many of you readers have noticed a pattern in my commentaries. When something happens, it’s typically a week or longer before I chime in an offer my take. I’ve been accused of being late to the party, but that isn’t accurate. Rather, I’m not going to form an opinion, much less open my mouth until I have more information.

If I jumped into the fray as soon as it hit the wire, I would look as stupid as the politicians demanding better gun control in the aftermath of the shooting in Aurora,Colorado. Now that more information is coming to light, we’ve to come to find out that James Holmes psychiatrist broke confidentiality laws and went to U of Colorado police wither concerns. Since confidentiality between the doc and the patient is the backbone of mental health care, she must have had some serious concerns that he was a danger to himself or others to have done what she did. This is no simple oversight.

So, instead of putting more laws on the books, the existing law was more than enough to deal with the situation at hand. But like law enforcement officials in Virginiain light of the VA Tech shooting, it was the people charged with upholding the law that failed miserably. Now of course this is coming from the same ABC “sources” that were labeling Oak Creekshooter Wade Page as a white supremacist before any info or evidence had been released indicating as much. The fact that the evidence happens to point that way shouldn’t give anyone in the main stream media a pass.

Where I’m going with all of this I refuse to be another useful idiot that muddies up the water worse, when clarity it was is needed. Yes, the Aurora and Oak Creekshooting are tragic, and it’s almost a natural reaction to want to lash out, to blame something, to strike back. These are things that I, as a true Conservative, try to avoid. All of us should avoid a rush to judgment.

Remember, the MSM is interested in ratings. Any way they can spin it to add more spice to the pot, well you can bet they’re going to dump the whole jar in. It’s no secret they will omit, embellish, and outright lie. As the George Zimmerman videos proved, they will even doctor video to push their dishonesty. That is why I won’t chime in for days or even a week or two after something like this happens.

And politicians? Well, as the Usurper in Chief has proven, never let a crisis go to waste. I’ve noticed that 99.9% of what liberals spew in the hours after a tragedy is at best grandstanding, at worst outright lies. Of course now that news of Holmes psychiatrist went to police weeks before the shooting, the “news” is in full back pedal mode, even politicians are saying there is no support for additional “gun control”.

On rare occasions, you will see me comment shortly after something hits the wires, such as the shooting in Oak Creek,Wisconsin.  But it that piece, I put the focus on the Sikh community and how they are our neighbors and friends, not on the sick and depraved shooter. I will hold off on commenting on the shooter until I have all my info straight, if ever. But that is what truly separates Conservatives from liberals and even con-servatives; we form our opinions and reactions based on facts, not feeling or emotion.

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