Abortion Lies- By C.J. Watkins

In George Orwell’s 1984, the dictate was to believe what you were told by Big Brother, not what your eyes tell you.

With Barry’s latest salvo against Romney, I have to wonder if we indeed are not living in an age that Orwell envisioned. First he comes out in favor of gay marriage, thus wrapping up their vote lock, stock, and barrel. He then unconstitutionally sidestepped Congress to literally suspend federal law and stop the deportation of some illegal immigrants, and got the Hispanic vote in the process. Now, he’s going after the women’s vote with his assertion that Romney will shut down Planned Parenthood, reverse Roe vs. Wade, and strip women of any and all reproductive freedom.

And, like everything else that comes of Barry’s mouth, it’s a bold faced lie.

Now, before anyone accuses me of being a chauvinist, an unwashed heathen, or “some right-wing whacko that thinks all women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”, let me enlighten you. Since I am male, I am not capable of getting pregnant, carrying to term, or delivering a baby. And until such time as males are able of such a feat, abortion shall remain EXCLUSIVELY A WOMAN’S ISSUE.

It is disingenuous that any male politician, bureaucrat, or judge have any say or input on laws or regulations regarding abortion. The fact that most leaders of pro life organizations are male gives them zero credibility in my eyes. The only time a male should have any say in the matter is if he is the father of the unborn. Otherwise, all men need to take their signs, bullhorns, and attitude home. The women are more than capable of hashing this out on their own.

I’m sure most of you have seen the aforementioned commercials. Of course anyone with a borrowed brain cell knows that PPH is a private, non profit organization. Romney would have quite the road ahead if he were to try to shut down as large a private organization as PPH. It’s not even idiotic to suggest that a president could do such a thing. Not that Congress and the president haven’t gutted other businesses, but they were small and often niche businesses.

Well, he could work to cut off the funding they receive from the federal government. Actually, that strikes me as a grand idea. Nowhere can I find in The Constitution that the federal government should be involved in offering up taxpayer money to any non profit group. So, cut off PPH, and everyone else while you’re at it like ACORN, Public Broadcasting, or PETA. But, good luck with that since he would have to contend with the two chambers of Congress, many of whom would fight him tooth and nail. Or, he could pull an Obama, and do it by Executive Order…

But perhaps the most telling that Romney wouldn’t do a thing to curtail abortion is that he was the driving force behind Bain Capital investing heavily in Stericycle, which is the sole disposal company for Planned Parenthood. He now embraces a pro life stance to endear himself with con-servatives, even though Bain still has extensive holding with Stericycle, and he continues to get dividends from Bain.

Unlike Obama, Romney is a business man. He isn’t about to gore the sacred cow that is giving him milk, despite all political posturing to the contrary. Thing is, Romney isn’t going to come out and say it, even though doing so would deflate this attack from the Obama Regime. Those with a borrowed brain cell know that Obama is very bad for the country, and will still vote Romney, even if he takes a pro choice stance. Not to mention it would undermine Barry’s appeal with the women.

Does my piece sound like I’m not so hot on Romney? You bet I’m not. I’m a Conservative (capitalized out of respect). Romney doesn’t even rise to the level of a con-servative, which most people claiming the mantle really are. But the path to freedom is not to choose lesser evil, rather we must push ALL evil into the light of day. There, it will be on full display for all to see, and the lies that ilk like Obama spew on the airwaves will be seen for what it is. Or, for those that refuse to see what is now on full display, they will become compliant victim’s to be devoured while the rest of us will laugh things like Obama and his supporters out of existence.

Don’t take my word for it. Everything that I’ve laid out can be easily verified.

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  1. This looks to me like the pot calling the kettle black but saying not to worry, we’re only calling the pot gray, it’s really black also.

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