Words have no meaning, Part 2- By C.J. Watkins

Barry O is at it again.

This time, he opened his trap and basically said that if you are a successful business owner, you are either a greedy, unethical bastard, or just lucky. Either way, you should be made to “pay more” for your “fair share”.

Looking at what liberal bloggers have had to add to the conversation, well at least what isn’t party line drivel, runs along the lines of if not for government built roads, police, and fire protection, you would be able to get your products to market, crooks would loot your office, and then the office would burn to the ground. In other words, all these wonderful government programs have played key parts of your success and you should drop to your knees and thank such progressive minds as B.O. for their vision.

Despite the plethora of material I have now been handed to completely shred and then rake over the coals until it burns to nothing such ludicrous statements, I’m going to concentrate on the president himself.

Has Barry O ever done any of the following?

Offered any product or service that someone would pay money for?

Screened, interviewed, and hired employees?

Made payroll?

Budgeted for expenses?

Negotiated with vendors, clients, customers?

Navigated the shark infested waters of IRS regulation?

Worked 10, 12, 16 hours a day, sometimes seven days a week to get a project done?

Run the risk of personal and financial ruin should a chance he takes not pan out?

To all of the above questions, the answer is a resounding NO!!!!

Obama vilifies business owners and speaks as though he has walked miles in their shoes when that simply is not the case. As a community organizer, supposed law professor, and senator, he has done nothing that a business owner deals with on a daily basis. As president, he’s played more golf and supplicated himself to evil men more than he has administered the affairs of the country. In other words, he has no clue about business owners, and is unqualified to speak about hem on his best day.

There’s a reason that (typically) the sheriff is an experienced law enforcement official. You can’t put Bob the accountant in the sheriff’s chair and expect him to run the department. It’s not because Bob is a bad guy, he simply hasn’t worked the midnight shift, arrested anyone, investigated a crime, had to draw a gun on a bad guy, or held a press conference. He doesn’t know the job, and isn’t even qualified to speak about it, much less fill the role.

But, the title of this piece is words have no meaning. And, as he has done since he was a senator, B.O. is trying to convince us that blue is actually green.

His words are meant to pander and buy votes. By demonizing those that “have”, he hopes to get votes from those that “have not”. I can promise you that everyone in that cheering crowd and most of the sheeple that hear his message are just as unqualified in their knowledge of business owners that Barry O is. And in their ignorance, they may agree with him and join in his lynch mob.

Yes, there are some evil corporations out there, just as there are evil politicians. But business owners, market entrepreneurs, are the engine that drives our economy. Simply put, without them, there are no jobs to be had! Has anyone cheering on Team Barrack ever considered that? I have my doubts, as no shortage of them has ever had a real job, much less a business. Not to mention they tried to make everyone essentially a government worker, it was called theSoviet Union. And we all know where that went..

Again, words have no meaning…His

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