Gun Free Zone Tragedy

In the wake of the terrible mass murder in Colorado, many have said the gun control issue needs to be focused upon, examined, re-evaluated and looked at to see if possibly more stringent laws are needed.

According to news reports, it took 90 seconds for the police to get to the scene. Apparently, officers caught the shooter, 24 year-old James Holmes, as he was walking back to his car, possibly to retrieve more weapons.

Of course, the horror of this incident is the loss of innocent life, the deaths and injuries of law-abiding citizens for doing nothing more than enjoying the many leisurely recreations this great country has to offer.

But there is another tragedy – politicians and activists hijacking this heinous crime to further their anti-gun agenda.

Mere days after the incident, the Liberals started in on restricting weapons, banning certain firearms, magazines, bullets, and other “evil” amalgamated metals.

U.S. Rep Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), whose husband was killed by a deranged gunman in 1993, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that such individuals also have one thing in common: “They all had a gun with large magazines.” She added, “as horrible as this tragedy was and is, you have to remember how many people are killed every single day.”

On Sunday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who has been pro Gun Control for years, repeated her call for a renewed examination of the nation’s gun laws. “I believe people use these weapons because they can get them,” she said on Fox News Sunday.

The Los Angeles Times cited a late 2011 poll showing that “60% think that current gun control laws should be enforced more strictly.”

I have a question. What if 60% of the people in that Colorado theatre were carrying a concealed weapon?

Given that the ‘gun’ is the problem, let’s follow the liberal’s logic to its ridiculous conclusion. If all the people at that theatre would have been armed like James Holms was, there would have been everyone shooting everyone because that’s what happens when guns get into the hands of Americans. They just can’t help it. Give a gun to a hard-working taxpayers hand and they just can’t stop themselves from a maniacal shooting spree.

However, I’m not a Liberal. So, let me tell you what would have really happened most of the people in that theatre been armed. Some, most likely, would have been shot. But James Holms would not have been arrested. He would have been carried out in a body bag, and there would have been far fewer victims. He would have started shooting, and some or all of the concealed carriers would have turned around and blasted him through the door.

And it would have taken 9 seconds, not 90.

Let’s go back even further. What if 60% of that theatre audience would have been armed . . . and Holms would have known it?

The Colorado killer was not some homeless simpleton, or mentally handicapped vagabond. He was a college student. He knew full well that restrictive gun laws gained him a much greater chance of not being opposed and therefore left little or no danger to himself. And no doubt he knew the pall that has fallen over this country regarding ‘the inherent evil of guns’ giving him a timid, victim-ready population.

There is evil in the world, Senator Feinstein. But it’s not in semi-automatic engineering, or magazines, or fluted barrels, or hollow-point bullets, or blued, matte black, and nickel plated finishes.

The evil is in James Holms.

If you want to restrict something, Senator Feinstein, Represntive McCarthy, and all you other Brady Bill advocates, restrict Holms’ confidence that a citizen can’t fight back on an even level. Restrict law abiding Americans from trembling at inanimate and inert objects, like a pistol. Restrict the idea that a dead, metal gun is the culprit and not the thinking, living person shooting it.

Restrict fear-mongering politicians from using tragedies such as the one in Colorado for political gain.

If you do not restrict all of that, evil men firing into crowds will continue to flourish.

But then, so will government power.

There’s another tragedy.

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