Do you think I’m stupid, Barry?

Every time I see the campaign ad where Mitt Romney is singing “America the Beautiful” while flashes of how Romney outsourced jobs are splashed against the backdrop of closed factories, I have to laugh. It’s almost as if he’s trying to paint Romney as the first and only person to ever outsource a job.


Now, I’m no fan of Mitt. If I even vote for him in November, it will be through clenched teeth and holding my nose. But to paint him as some massive outsourcer is completely dishonest on its best day.


Barry O has never worked a day in his life. He has either been a “community organizer”, whatever that means, or a constitutional law professor, which meant he was at best a government employee. Oh, and my lowercase of constitutional, while intentional, is not meant as disrespectful. It’s done in the context of speaking of B.O., and if he’s a professor on real Constitutional Law, then I’m a neurosurgeon.


So, never having worked at a real job, much less run a business, he has no clue as to the crushing regulation and confiscatory taxes that all business owners have to deal with. Regulations and taxes that are foisted upon the hard working, productive business owners by pols like B.O. that have no idea, or worse no care, as to the damage they do. So, when said business owner sees that there is a whole wide world out there that they can recruit their workforce from, and not have to deal with politicians that are trying to justify their salary and benefit packages by passing more and more laws and regulations, they are suddenly the bad guys?


According to never produced anything in their life politicians like Obama and his lap dogs in the main stream media that is the exact picture they want to paint. Goebbles would be proud.


Being inNevada, I have the unique perspective of watchingCaliforniaburn to the ground from a safe distance. And that state has been hemorrhaging businesses for a long time now. Now, don’t expect the denizens ofSacramentoto do anything other than scratch their heads and then pass laws banning foie gras. But ask the business owners who then set up shop in Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, or even Nebraska, and to the man/ woman, they’ll tell you that they got tired of paying at least half of every dollar they made in taxes between the federal, state, and local level, and having some bureaucrat in their face every other day.


Now it’s been said as Californiagoes, so does the rest of the country. God help us if that is the case. That state should be boxed up and sold as a breakfast cereal since its chock full of flakes, fruits, and nuts.  I mean, after the wonderful, bang-up job that Moonbeam Jerry did his first time around as governor, The Collective sends him back for another go around!!!


But, it provides a good microcosm of how overzealous, elitist, and leftist politicians, almost all of whom have never produced anything for anyone at any time in their life, are the true cause of outsourcing. Even Steve Wynn, who is regarded as the architect of modernLas Vegas, opined that the Communist Chinese government ofMacau is more business friendly than the B.O. White House along with a democrat controlled Congress.


However, instead of anyone bothering to check the veracity of Wynn’s statement, those in the media started boiling the tar and ripping open the feather pillows at the Encore Hotel.  He was painted as out of touch, another greedy rich who was all too happy to ship his company HQ overseas, another “outsourcer”. Starting to sound familiar?


Again, no less than Goebbles would be proud. Politicians like Barry O shove regulations down the throat of businesses (Obamacare, anyone?) that takes time, money, and effort to comply with and takes away from the energies they could be using to create more values for others and more jobs. When said business owner sees a way out by moving their company to another state or another country altogether, they are then branded as the bad guy for doing so when it was the politicians that cause the move with their actions.


Do you think I’m stupid, Barry?

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