Dear John- By Joe Keck

See, this is what I’m talking about.

“It is far better and more accurate to talk straight,” said John McCain on the Senate floor this week accusing Michelle Bachmann of character assassination.

The victim he was referring to was Huma Abedin, aid to secretary of state, Hilary Clinton. Bachmann and some of McCain’s fellow Republicans sent a letter to the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and Homeland Security, asking for an investigation into The Muslim Brotherhood. This is the same group that has been suspected of funneling money to Hamas and other such terrorist groups. They’ve even been suspected in actual terrorist attacks directly.

Ms. Abedin is the former wife of Anthony Weiner, the House Representative who sent sexually suggestive messages to several women on line. That alone, says Bachmann, warrants an investigation into her background. Apparently, a thorough Whitehouse vetting of this woman was never done.

According to Michelle Bachmann, all she and her colleagues are requesting is a look into The Muslim Brotherhood and its dangers to our National Security, and those who might be involved with them. It has been said that Ms. Abedin has connections to the group.

She also has top Whitehouse clearance.

Now, whether you believe she is a danger to our security or not, I don’t think we need McCain going onto the Senate floor and castigating his Party’s members in front of the cameras to help a friend, even if she is innocent. But we shouldn’t be surprised at the histrionics of the Senator from Arizona. During his run for the Presidency, he demanded that none of his colleagues use Barack Obama’s middle name, Hussein.

Of course, he was silent when they used it when delivering to Obama the oath of office.

But I digress.

What I’m saying is that Republicans like McCain, who are so quick to defend a Muslim Liberal, and at the same time attack a conservative Christian Republican, like Michelle Bachmann, are getting tiresome. Very tiresome.

We want to say to them, DAMMIT, SHUT UP! Don’t you know what we’re up against? Don’t you see what the Left is trying to do to our country? It isn’t fun and games anymore. Our cultural and societal future is at stake, maybe even the very survival of the Nation itself!

And speaking of talking straight, John McCain didn’t “talk straight” when he claimed he was pro-life. He never mentioned his pro-abortion stand when it comes to babies resulting from rape and incest. He looked boldly into the camera and declared himself Pro-life!

Hey Johnboy, straight talk, huh?

We’ve come a long way from Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment – Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. We’re getting away from our conservative foundation, and the McCains and the like are pulling us further and further from it.

However, you might have noticed that McCain didn’t win the Whitehouse when he ran against – sorry John – Barack Hussein Obama.

Get my drift, John?

Maybe it’s time for the Republicans to write you a letter.


Note to John McCain: Show some fealty, man. Remember where your principals are and who your party is.

And it ain’t Democrat Muslims!

 As C.S. Lewis (I think) said, God give us men with chests.

I think Michelle Bachmann has a better chest than John McCain.


 Sorry, red-blooded white Christian heterosexual American male, here, and Michelle Bachmann is hot! Just so her husband doesn’t give me a beatin’, I have to say, he’s a lucky man.

But then, so is John McCain’s husband.

I know, cheap shot. Hey, it’s Friday.

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