Words have no meaning…- By C.J. Watkins

That’s right, you heard me. Words have no meaning. Or at the very least they can mean different things to different people. What we have to be vigilant of is not the twisting of words; that can be spotted by anyone with a borrowed brain cell. What we must train ourselves to do is to realize that words ultimately have no meaning, and this is what leads to being misled or at least made to feel “why bother”.

This powerful knowledge actually came to me from a retired corporate strategist. He learned it from years of literal blood and no shortage of sweat, and then applying it trying to allow small business owners to take on the Big Boys on equal footing. He asked me simply what came to mind when he said “dog”.

I immediately thought of a boxer, a specific breed. Another might think of their own dog at home. Another might think of an ugly woman. The point is, this simple word had different meanings to all of us, and it was this “ask five people and get five different answers” situation that causes most business people to fail miserably with their advertising.

Now, when a politician speaks, there’s no denying that they are lying, talking out of both ends of the mouth, spinning, or in the case of Obama, all three simultaneously. But what we fail to realize is that they too know that words have no meaning. So, like a slick corporate strategist does, they will begin to come up with new definitions for words, and it’s remarkably simple how they do it. They do the old hat of repeating it until it becomes accepted as truth.

Now, let me toss out some words; assault rifle. Now, people will picture any of the common military rifles they have seen in movies or even news casts. It doesn’t matter what kind, they see a rifle that will empty it’s ammo with one pull of the trigger.

How often do the spin masters in the main stream media report that some crook used an assault rifle in the commission of their crime? Or politicos talk about the “evils” of said assault weapons?

Now, let’s not let things like facts get in the way. No less than the ATF defines an assault rifle as one that is capable of full automatic fire, i.e. it will continue to fire as long as there is ammo in the magazine (or “clip” as the ignorant like to say) and the trigger is held back. Or that despite all outward appearances, the weapon used by the aforementioned Bad Guy requires the user to squeeze the trigger each time a shot is fired, so there is no way it can be an assault rifle?

No, gun grabbing politicians simply label such rifles like the AR-15 as “assault weapons”, and their cohorts in the MSM repeat it ad nauseum until people are thinking “bad gun”. Yet the same stripe of politicians will tell us we can’t give extra scrutiny to a muslim male of middle eastern descent between the ages of 17 and 45 getting onto an airplane. That would be “profiling”. But doesn’t the FBI employ a crack team of highly trained experts that track serial killers known as profilers? Oh, never mind.

This article is not meant to be extensive. It fact, this is one subject that will be revisited with some frequency. After all, I’m trying to stir things up, get you questioning things, and hopefully even think for yourself.

I mean, isn’t the main tenant of Conservatism self sufficiency? Start by thinking for yourself!

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