“There you go again”- By Joe Keck

Those were the words challenger Ronald Reagan said to incumbent Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential debate. But today, he might very well have used those same words for his own party. Last time around, John McCain was the Republican presidential candidate.

Not exactly Reagan.

Now admittedly, Obama caused such a hullabaloo in the election that it seemed as though fate had a hand in the outcome. But still, for the GOP to run McCain was, in the minds of many, unbelievable. John McCain? Are you kidding me? Not only is he at best radically moderate, he’s also radically flavorless. There’s no meat in that burrito, no cake under that thin, basted on layer of icing.

It harkens back to the same lack-luster Bob Dole running against Bill Clinton. When Dole won the nomination, the base of the Republican Party seemed to drop their jaw and look around at each other with a furrowed brow. And when John McCain got the nod, same reaction.

Then we had George W. Bush, who started the bailouts and went on a spending spree, one that outdid Clinton.

And now we have Mitt Romney. Again, open mouths, heads shaking, brows wrinkling in bewilderment.

Let us remember, the Tea Party didn’t spring up because of leftist Liberals. We’ve always had them, and probably always will. No, it was flaccid, suck-up, ‘compromise happy’ Republicans that brought about the Tea Party movement. Like John McCain, Bob Dole, and now, Mitt Romney.

“There you go again, GOP.”

The ol’ Gipper’s probably spinning.

So the question is, When does the Grand Old Party become grand again? When will the Republicans stop trying to satisfy the MSM, the Libs, the jelly-spined, knee-shaking soft ‘n cuddly Republicans biting their nails in fear of being too ‘hard right’?

Why wasn’t Sarah Palin embraced with full, enthusiastic fervor? At McCain’s highest moment, he was foundering in a morass of tepid, colorless acceptance. The Republicans had a ‘spattering of applause’ kind of candidate until the smart, sexy, and electrifying Sarah Palin came on board. That was when the fireworks burst into the sky. Was that not a bit of a hint? Like maybe a brick slamming into the side of the head kind of hint? Romney may be vanilla, but this time around, we have help:

Barack Obama.

He’s done so much damage to the country in his first term, that the Republican Party could run John McCain’s brother in-law and win.

Given the Obama tragedy, I’m guessing Romney will take it. That is, if the country is left with any sanity at all in this new millennium of kaleidoscopic culture collapse.

But what about the GOP? What does the future hold for them? One pictures the Establishment Republicans sitting around a spacious mahogany table, trying to come up with patronizing slogans to appease “These Radical Right Tea Party types”.

The last time a third party was successful was when the Republicans were birthed out of the Whigs because the latter would not adopt an abolitionist platform regarding slavery.

Oh, the Democrat Party kept their pro-slavery stand, sure, but this new party would have none of it. So they broke off from the Whigs and created the Republican Party.

Now, just over a hundred years later, has there been a devolution? Has the Republican Party lost its thumbs again and slithered back into the primordial soup of abortion, gay rights, welfare subsidies, and making the rich pay their “fair share?”

Apparently, there are a few coelacanths still swimming around, making a splash. I’m one of them. And I’m not alone.

If Reagan were here, we probably wouldn’t have this problem because he’d simply slap the Karl Rove’s and Lindsey Graham’s around a bit and make them go stand in the corner.

But alas, that grand old cowboy is no longer with us.

I guess we’re on our own.

Let’s hope Romney will make good on his flapping about being a conservative when – and if – he moves from Massachusetts to Washington D.C. this November.

If he doesn’t, and reverts back to the – and I’m being kind, here – more moderate position while in office, I only hope as with the Melancholy Dane the Whitehouse will resound with reverberations of “Reveeeenge meeeeee . . .”

Hey, at this point, I’ll take any help we can get!

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