Outnumbered- By Joe Keck

I don’t’ blame the Democrats in the Senate or Congress. I don’t blame Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. All of them, all those who vote to allow the government to steal more and more of our money, who continually vote for the option for a woman to murder a baby, those who insist on carving up our God given rights as a free people for the sake of bureaucracy, I don’t blame them.

Not really.

It’s not their fault.

It would be like blaming the German soldier for the third Reich. It would be like blaming the gun for the killing, the knife for the stabbing. Or, more apropos, it would be like blaming the wolf for devouring the chickens when the one we should really blame is the idiot who opened the gate. It is the caretakers of the henhouse for being fooled by the ‘sheep’s clothing’ that are to blame.

And to bring the point back home, that would be the American people.

The persons mentioned above did not appoint themselves to the offices they hold. Those offices were given to them by the American people. What I can’t figure out is why. Why would ‘the people’ put someone like Barney Frank in Congress? After all, one of his lovers ran a prostitution ring from the Congressman’s apartment.

But of course, he knew nothing of it.

Why would ‘the people’ over and over again put Ted Kennedy in the senate? A man who waited twelve hours to call the authorities while a ‘female friend’ was stuck in a crashed upside down car filled with water that he escaped from.

But of course, he couldn’t remember the incident clearly.

And why would ‘the people’ put a man in the Presidency who voted against the Born Alive Act in Illinois when he was a senator there? That legislation would have done nothing more than make it illegal for the medical worker to allow a baby meant to be aborted but unintentionally delivered to lay on a gurney and die of exposure.

Why indeed?

Sad to say, there is only one answer: The ‘people’ are as evil as the men and women they elect.

I hate to indict my fellow Americans as such, but logic forces my hand.

There was no hostile takeover of the Congress, no military style siege of the Whitehouse.

We all want to blame the politician, the Government gargoyles of our two party set-up, but we must face the ugly facts. They are there because ‘the people’ put them there! That’s how our system works. It is your friend that rides to work with you each day who voted for the wolf. It is your sister, your brother, your wife, your husband who votes for the abortionist, sacrificing the child on the alter of bloody convenience.

It is your mother.

So far, we’ve voted for the taking of our money, kicking God out of our schools, sex education taught to nine-year-olds, contracts and tuition money given based on the color of someone’s skin, and the wholesale slaughter of millions and millions of the tiniest, most innocent and vulnerable creatures on Earth . . . little babies.

How many of us are there? What is our number, we who want protection for those babies, who want God to be given a chance to speak to our hearts in our learning and legislative institutions as He once did, who want a nation that doesn’t look at melanin as a deciding factor as to who gets more Government giveaways? How many of us are there?

More importantly, when will we be outnumbered?

 And when we are, who will be left to protect us?

 Unfortunately, it will most likely be the same ones protecting the unborn.

God help us.

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