The primary difference in Red and Blue, pt. 2- By Joe Keck

This is my response to an email that was sent to a conservative friend of mine, who forwarded it to me. The initial email that prompted me to respond was posted yesterday, and I would encourage you to read that one first.

My response:


First of all, you Blue States would have first rights to all the slave states, really. After all, it was the Democrats that enslaved black people, not Republicans. As far as stem cell research, there has been, to date, absolutely NO cures from ‘embryonic’ (a word you conveniently omit) stem cell research. Because of the Red State’s ‘adult’ (a word we proudly use) stem cell research yielding many proven and lifesaving cures, you can have that other wing of baby killing, as well.

Beaches? Well, we Red Staters are Capitalists. And since you bought those beaches with rich Hollywood Liberal dollars, and since they are littered with all of your yachts docked next to the ‘caviar, wine and cheese’ clubhouses, I’m sure the poor will applaud you as they stand and look from afar, watching all of your elite and Hugh Hefner style parties they’re not invited to.

‘Aggregate divorce rate’? WHAT divorce rate? Liberals don’t get married. You just move in and live together. Think Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins – model non-marriages.

Single moms. Does anyone honestly think the majority of single moms are Republicans?

The Blue States boast, “Nuevo California will be pro-choice and anti-war…” Oh really? Both of our planet’s world wars, WWI and WWII, were conducted under Democrat presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. Also, both the Korean and Viet-Nam wars were headed up by Democrats Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson, again, both Democrat presidents. It took Richard Nixon, a Republican president, to get us out of Viet-Nam. Our Civil War involved Abraham Lincoln, a Republican president, and northern Republicans, fighting to stop the southern Democrat’s from keeping blacks enslaved. Luckily for us, and especially for our African American brothers and sisters, the Republicans won that one too.

As for abortion (or as Libs like to euphemize, ‘choice’), it’s simple. We don’t kill little babies. The Blue States can have all the infant blood they can drink.

WMD’s. We don’t need to worry, one will eventually turn up in ‘Neuvo California’ from the passivist left ‘tolerances,’ and we’ll be rid of the Blue country in one fell swoop.

As far as the lettuce, pineapple, Tech industry, Rush Limbaugh, and all that other babble, well, let me just say, “That’s nice, honey. Now go play, and I’ll call you when it’s time for your bath.”

As for Jonah, Evolution, and the sacredness of life go, in other words, GOD, just keep telling your children that they’re all spawned from a lower, mudslop, bio-soup, and that God is just a fantasy to make theists like William F. Buckley, William Shakespeare, Mother Theresa, John Newton, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Immanuel Kant, Malcolm Muggeridge, Frederic Douglass, Ravi Zacharias Ph.D, Steven Hawking Ph.D, Martin Luther King Ph.D (a Republican by the way), and other stupid people like them feel good. Ah, good plan. Keep that up and you’ll all be either committing suicide, or killing each other off from your Nietzsche-esque philosophy within two generations. It worked for Hitler, and hey, maybe it’ll work for you.

Finally, you can have the pot…you’re going to need it!


The Red States


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