Openly Olympic- By C.J. Watkins

I’ve always been big on the Olympics. Granted, some of the luster is gone now that we no longer send our best college and true amateur athletes against the semi-pro’s of the former Soviet Union, but there is still nothing like rooting on teamUSA. So, I’ve been following the trials and the athletes vying for spots on the team with plenty of interest.


Now, I’m no soccer fan. I find the game tedious and boring, and I’m inclined to think that futbol fans riot as a means of injecting some excitement into the matches. However, theUSAhas developed some fine women’s teams in recent years, including wins at the World Cup and Olympic gold to their credit. So, instead of hearing how our women are going to try to retain their position atop the medal stand once the Summer Games are over, I get some piece by Martin Rogers about how All Star forward Megan Rapinoe has come out as gay.


Roger’s piece goes on about how heroic Rapinoe is, because organized sports is still the one place where gays and lesbians are beaten with sticks and rolled for the money in their wallet. Or at least according to Rapinoe, this is the case.


“I feel like sports in general are still homophobic, in the sense that not a lot of people are out,” Rapinoe said. “I feel like everyone is really craving people to come out. People want – they need – to see that there are people like me playing soccer for the good old U.S. of A.”


Is that so? Those hoping that theUSAbrings home gold are craving for more openly gay and lesbian athletes? Well, I hate to break it to you, Rapinoe, and your enablers likeRogers, but here is the absolute truth.








Frankly, I could care less that you are attracted to other women. What you do behind closed doors with another consenting adult is your business. I don’t give two hoots about it, and pretty much any other Conservative I know could care less than I do.


But coming out doesn’t make you any sort of hero. Gays and lesbians are paraded in the media so much and so often that it seems like straight people are now in the minority. So, under normal circumstances, coming out anymore carries as much weight as someone that doesn’t have a job getting the call that they have been hired.


But Rapinoe is an elite athlete, and is going to represent the country in international competition. And maybe she was hoping to have an impact, but not the one that it’s really had. If anything, her announcement cheapens the hard work and dedication that her teammates have put into making the team, and anything that is accomplished in the games. Soccer is a team sport. The USA Women’s Soccer Team will win as a team, or lose as a team. Rapinoe’s well timed coming out has now shifted the focus onto her, at least for the time being, when it should be on the team and what they hope to do once the games commence. But Rapinoe seems to be more interested in shoving it in every ones face, and making it seem that should theUSAprevail, it will be an even sweeter victory because of her… and because she’s gay.

I can’t speak for the rest of TeamUSA. And I’m not holding my breath to hear how any of them truly feel about Rapinoe’s obvious grandstanding and spotlight hogging. They rightfully fear they will be vilified as the very homophobes that Rapiunoe claims terrorize the locker rooms of sporting teams everywhere. Maybe that was her intention from the start; to be the focus of attention and shut down any possibility for rebuttal. If so, she doesn’t deserve to be on the Team, despite her obvious talents.

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