Good Little Insects- By Joe Keck

That’s what the Democrats want.

Ants don’t take off on their own, doing whatever they wish, making their own way. They follow their programmed instructions, take care of the collective, and do no more, no less than keep the colony thriving. There’s no individualism, no free reign to do as you please, and you have to admit, the colony does indeed thrive.

But people aren’t ants.

In pre-American England they had a king who ran the societal structure and all the people kept the kingdom going like good little workers, and the colony thrived there, too.

Barack Obama said that the American Dream was to have a good job, a decent home to live in, and a chance to raise a family in safe neighborhoods with adequate health care.

That’s not the American Dream. Being a wealthy individual is. Getting rich. Yes. I’m sorry, but that is what our Founders wanted for the people of this country. They wanted a people who had the freedom not to have a decent job, but to soar to the utmost possible economic heights without the restriction of the class ceiling, royal heritage, or governmental limitations holding them down. And they knew, in their almost Divinely inspired foresight, that such a system would result in a powerful community of free thinkers, free entrepreneurs, and free and prosperous people.

Yes, again, I’m sorry Democrats, but it’s Trickle-Down economics that our Framers instituted when our great country was established. As one rises higher and higher in the economic and financial stratosphere, he or she takes with him or her many, many others in the form of jobs, making that company grow. Then, each one of those employees finds his or her own niche in the ergo-secularum, branching off and moving up with ideas of their own, and then another, and another, and another . . .

That’s the Conservative philosophy.

But for the socialist, that’s not the way it happens. To their way of thinking, each of us moves the larvae, stores the food, keeps the underground “It Takes A Village” style engine in good working order.

And the colony thrives.

On an ABC news show a woman in the audience with a grandmother that was quite elderly yet vibrant and bristling with vitality asked Barack Obama how his healthcare plan would deal with one such as her grandmother who was not debilitated, but rather had, as she put it, a “spirit” for life.

Here was his very kind and caring, yet Orwellian answer. He told the woman regarding her grandmother, “Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller”.

When an ant is too old, or too injured, or simply too lacking in productivity, they are ‘liquidated.’ Oddly enough, Obama’s reasoning is the same one used by the National Socialists Party of The Third Reich’s propaganda films. They were meant to persuade the German people that it just might be better to “put these poor (mentally handicapped) people out of their misery.”

“Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery . . .”

And the colony thrives.

So, tonight, when you who plan to vote for Obama tuck your sweet little larvae in bed, tell them that in this colony, here in America, they can grow up to live the American Dream, to have free tuition, government paid-for healthcare, and a decent job. Then watch the smile light up on their little faces as they realize that they can do their part in keeping the colony thriving.


That’s a good little insect.

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