Dependence Day?- By Joe Keck

Independence. If we separate the prefix from the root, we find that it means, very basically, not dependent.

July 24th is what America cites as the day She established Her Not being Dependent on a king.

That is something that runs through the blood of every American. Liberty, Freedom, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That is ingrained in our heritage, it’s fused into our sinew, welded into the fabric of our being.

Or is it?

Terms like, “Spread the wealth around”, “We should have free healthcare”, “My education should be free”, are all things that would never have fallen from the lips of any pre-twentieth-century American. Most likely, few post-twentieth-century Americans would utter such statements.

But it is now the twenty-first-century, and words like the ones above are fluttering around in the air like a flock of buzzards hovering over a carcass, waiting to pick at what’s left of our great nation.

Referring to the Constitution, Obama said in a 2001 radio interview, “It says what the states can’t do to you, it says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the state or federal government must do on your behalf.”

Yes, Mr. President. It doesn’t. And with good reason.

Our Commander in Chief, with the help of the Supreme Court and The Affordable Care Act, just ripped out a hunk of flesh from our independence. He not only chewed up and swallowed a mouthful of our liberty, he made it a law that we have to pay for it.

A while back, another law was passed by another head of state that did the same thing. His name was George and that law’s nice and benevolent name was The Quartering Act.

Lets take a comparative look at these two, shall we?

The 1765 Quartering Act forced Colonists to give room and board to British soldiers.

The 2012 Affordable Care Act forces Americans to give room and board to insurance companies.

The 1765 Quartering Act forced Colonists to accept it because they were being protected from foreigners.

The 2012 Affordable Care Act is forcing Americans to accept it because they are being protected from illness.

The Colonists overwhelmingly did not like the idea of having to pay for protection by the British Government.

Americans overwhelmingly do not like the idea of having to pay for protection by the American Government.

In both cases, the will of The People were ignored.

The King George and Barack Obama philosophy have a different concept of the role of government. Both hold the idea that there are things the Government “. . . must do on your behalf.”

Whether you like it or not!

Yes, today is Independence Day.

Last Thursday was Dependence Day.

Which one will we celebrate in the future?

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