Wisconsin Recall Exit Polls

Wisconsin Polls close at 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. CT

Preliminary exit polls Tuesday underscore just how sharply union issues are dividing voters in the Wisconsin recall fight.

There is little middle ground in how Tuesday’s voters feel about Gov. Walker’s handling of the collective bargaining issue.

About eight in 10 voters either strongly approve or strongly disapprove of the way Walker has handled the issue, and they are roughly evenly divided between pro and con, according to exit polls.

Only two in 10 voters expressed milder feelings, saying they “somewhat” approve or “somewhat” disapprove.

Not surprisingly, the issue represents a deep dividing line between voters backing Walker and those backing Tom Barrett.

Nine out of 10 Walker voters approve of his handling of the issue.

Nine out of 10 Barrett voters disapprove.

via Collective bargaining a stark dividing line in recall race, exit polls show – JSOnline.

Early Wisconsin recall exit polls show Obama has edge over Romney in presidential race

The recall election in Wisconsin pits Republican Gov. Scott Walker versus Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in a rematch of their 2010 race. The recall effort was brought about mainly in response to Walker’s plan that restricted collective bargaining rights for public union workers. Today, 52 percent of Wisconsin voters in the early exit polls have a favorable view of unions for government workers, while 43 percent have an unfavorable opinion of these unions. Among voters in unions households (public or not), 69 percent view these unions favorably.

On the issue of collective bargaining, 50 percent of Wisconsin voters say they approved of the recent changes to state law that limits collective bargaining for government workers, but 48 percent disapproved of these changes.

via Early Wisconsin recall exit polls show Obama has edge over Romney in presidential race – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

Wisconsin Exit Polls, Good News for Obama?

Barrett lost to Walker when the two faced off in 2010. One possible boost for Barrett this year comes from union voters: Nearly a third of voters in preliminary exit poll results say they’re from union households, up from 26 percent two years ago. And slightly more than half say they have a favorable impression of public employee unions; restrictions on such unions that were backed by Walker led to the recall. But voters in these preliminary results divide almost exactly evenly on Walker’s handling of those unions, with high levels of strong sentiment on both sides. http://abcn.ws/LnjszC

via Wisconsin Exit Polls, Good News for Obama?, Bipartisan Cellmates, Santorum’s Big Announcement and More Job Creationism (PM Note) – ABC News.

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