Jesse Jackson Compares Walker to segregationist George Wallace

Leave it to Jesse Jackson to speak in grandiose, racial terms when it comes to the Wisconsin recall election. And it‘s not just the Right that’s taking notice (although the reason is quite different).

On Ed Schultz’s MSNBC program on Monday, the host talked glowingly of Jackson’s recent statements, summarizing some and playing others:

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Yes, that’s Schultz paraphrasing Jackson as saying, “He called this election one of the biggest moments in the history of our democracy. He compared it to Emmett Till’s Lynching and Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat.” And of course he then played the audio of Jackson comparing Walker to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace.

The Weekly Standard has a paraphrase of what happened during Jackson’s speech:

Two days before the election, a crowd of 250 Democratic and union activists gathered to hear from Reverend Jackson and a host of left-wing leaders. The crowd applauded mightily when one union leader compared Scott Walker’s reforms to the attacks on 9/11. They rose to their feet when a local teachers union head screamed that Walker is a serial liar. And they cheered wildly when Jackson compared Walker to segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace.

“So now you have a governor,” Jackson thundered. “Wallace did it in Alabama and now Walker in Wisconsin – trying to take back access to vote.”

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  1. Mr. Walker has shown the left how to waste 25 million dollars. Serves them right for there nonsense when all he was doing is trying to put our house in order. Move to Madison!

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