Meet Mia Love GOP Congressional candidate for 4th district Utah Mia Love is running in Utah’s new 4th Congressional District. Please visit her website to learn more about Mia and how you can show your support.

via Mia Love – Give Back – YouTube.

A new kind of Republican?

Mia Love is unlike any  Congressional candidate ever — she is African-American, she is Mormon, and she is conservative. Republicans have deemed her race in Utah’s newly drawn 4th district one of the top ten most important races in the country, vowing to spare no expense to get her to Congress. If she wins, Love would be the first black Republican woman ever elected to the House of Representatives.

Check out this week’s Spinners and Winners to hear Love’s first order of business should she get to Washington, and her response to people who say her race is playing an out-sized role in all the attention she is receiving from the Republican party.

via A new kind of Republican? | Power Players – Yahoo! News.

Mia Love, the next conservative superstar? « Hot Air

She’s been compared with Marco Rubio and called “the next big thing in conservative politics.” Meet Mia Love, a wife, mother, mayor and runner who is, er, running for Congress in Utah’s newly-created fourth congressional district. Here, she introduces herself in a video that makes it easy to see why she’s attracted such positive attention among conservatives and why elaborate praise of her does not appear to be overblown:

As the image she presents in the video suggests and as her websitefurther confirms, Love is a Tea Party conservative who stands for fiscal discipline, smaller government, personal responsibility, jobs through growth, tax reform and fewer regulations. She favors a fully-funded military, responsible international engagement, energy exploration, enhanced border security, local control in education, religious freedom and the free exercise of the Second Amendment. (In fact, her first date with her husband involved learning to shoot — and his first gift to her was a gun. Plus, she has a concealed carry permit and regularly packs a gun.)via Video: Mia Love, the next conservative superstar? « Hot Air.


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