Source: N. Korea long-range rocket fails shortly after launch

North Korea rocket launch reportedly fails.  Pentagon officials say that the rocket never made it into space.  They relate the rocket broke-up in the atmosphere.

(URGENT) N.K. rocket launch appears to have ended in failure: S. Korean official | YONHAP NEWS

We are hearing that North Korea intends to tell it’s people that the rocket was shot down by it’s enemies.

BEIJING —  North Korea launched a three-stage rocket from a missile base near the west coast city of Sinuiju today, claiming that it was carrying a weather satellite of purely civilian use.

Its projected trajectory was almost due south on a course 150 miles east of Shanghai.  The second stage of the rock was to splash down east of the Philippines, which prompted Manila to cancel northbound flights as a precaution.


Initial network news reports said the rocket failed during flight.

The rocket, named Unha-3 and emblazoned with a North Korean flag, was based on the same technology as the long-range Taepodong missile that the country is developing, which has triggered accusations that North Korea is in actually conducting a weapons test.

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SEOUL, April 13 (Yonhap) — North Korea defiantly fired off a long-range rocket Friday, an official said, in a move sure to spark strong international condemnations and escalate regional tensions.

“We’re now tracking the flight path,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

The North has said it will launch its Unha-3 rocket between April 12-16 to put what it claims is a satellite into orbit to mark the 100th birthday of Kim Il-sung, the country’s late founder and grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un.

But South Korea, the United States and other regional powers have urged Pyongyang to call off the launch, seeing it as a pretext to disguise a long-range missile test banned under a U.N. Security Council resolution.

via N. Korea launches long-range rocket: official | YONHAP NEWS.

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