Establishment Media Guide To “White Hispanic”

In Chicago, Cleveland, Washington DC and Philadelphia, demonstrators supported Martin's family by wearing hoodies like the one Martin was wearing when he was shot. Image Credit: IU South Bend Civil Rights Center

By: Edmund Jenks – West Coast Editor

Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot last month in the town of Sanford, Florida by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who has claimed self defense and has not been charged.

The Trayvon Martin death at the apparent hands of a neighborhood watch individual named George Zimmerman has become a most troubling episode in American media culture. It reveals what happens when facts are over-run, unimportant, and only selected deaths of young black men are important when it seems to rise to the level of political exploitation by the forces that support a liberal, divide and control mentality. Under this view, in order to keep government front and center in the minds of all Americans, American unity must be broken down and marginalized so that we may never recognize each others value as an individual … but only value a single person to their value toward the advancement of a single group in the eyes of, and favorable treatment by, governmental powers and laws, alive or dead.

To this end, the New York Times decided to describe George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic”, a term that on its face has hardly ever been used to describe a person’s ethnic heritage. Rush Limbaugh’s staff performed a nexis/lexis search of New York Times articles that may have used the term before and could only find three previous references of this nature in the paper’s publishing history … very telling on how this establishment media outlet wishes to promote the liberal, divide and control mentality.

In order to educate the establishment media on skin color and bring a little American-natured levity to an ugly situation that involves race and color, conservative Hispanic blogger and cartoonist, el SOOPer @SooperMexican, posted this graphic to help guide some to proper conclusions for their articles.

This excerpted and edited from –

The Sooper Guide to “White Hispanic” Skin Color for the Gringo Media!

Date: 3/26/2012

It’s amazing the lengths of race-baiting that the Leftist Liberal News Media Industrial Complex will go to in order to re-elect their savior, Obama. They’re going so far as to call a Hispanic man “White Hispanic” in order to incite a race war! How tolerant and inclusive of them.

Well, I thought I’d help them out and give them this easy to understand guide to classifying Hispanic skin colors!

Enjoy gringos!

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Other points that were made while reading 140 character (or less) “Tweets” from Twitter ranged from:

“Why is it that the ONLY photo of Trayvon Martin is of a 13 yr. old boy and not the 17 yr. old grown male? Jus’ askin’ #tcot #tlot #p2”


“If Zimmerman is White and Obama is Black, race must be pat-ri-lo-cal only.”

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