West Virginia Sheriff, County Clerk Plead Guilty To Voter Fraud

All the while MSNBC is telling it’s audience there is no voter fraud in America.  It is all an elaborate Republican  hoax to disenfranchise people of color from the voting process. No need for Identification or watching ballet boxes.

As the sheriff of Lincoln County, W.Va., Jerry Bowman is sworn to uphold the law. But the 58-year-old law enforcement veteran stood in a federal courtroom in Charleston on Wednesday and pleaded guilty in a shocking voter fraud case that has stripped him of his job and could send him to prison for a decade.

Prosecutors say Bowman and former Lincoln County Clerk Donald Whitten, 62, were part of a scheme to steal the May 2010 Democratic primary by stuffing ballot boxes with illegal absentee ballots.

Bowman admitted to falsifying more than 100 of the absentee ballot applications and even voting with some of the ballots himself, while Whitten, who also pleaded guilty Wednesday, acknowledged lying to investigators about the plan to try to throw the election.

“It makes you mad,” said Charles Brumfield, who ran against Bowman for Lincoln County circuit clerk, about having the election stolen from him. “It was hurtful. You just didn’t think that would happen in today’s society.”

Brumfield told Fox News that on election night, he was ahead by about 235 votes. That is, until additional batches of absentee ballots started mysteriously appearing, repeatedly, throughout the evening.

“We knew something was wrong, because the post office closes at 4:30 … you don’t go to the post office at 9 o’clock at night and find ballots.”

via Former West Virginia Sheriff, County Clerk Plead Guilty To Attempting To Steal Election | Fox News.

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  1. All of the fraud (voter fraud and other fraud) just makes me sick. Speaking of voter fraud, a jurisdiction in Florida is now inadvertently setting itself up for an election fiasco that involves a corrupt judge and several of his co-conspirators. On a related side-note regarding public corruption, Florida just ranked as one of the most corrupt states in a highly publicized February 2012 corruption report. The fraud and corruption is both sad and endemic. You can’t make this stuff up. Take a look at http://www.complaints.com/2012/march/14/Corrupt_Judge_David_P._Kreider_now_taints_the_ele_264712.htm .

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