US soldier kills 15 Afghan civilians in Kandahar, 9 are Children

One can only imagine the fall out from this incident.

A US soldier in Afghanistan has shot dead 15 civilians and wounded others after entering their homes in Kandahar province, Afghan and Nato sources say.

He reportedly left his base early in the morning to attack village homes. Nine children are among the dead.

The White House voiced “deep concern” and Nato-led forces in Afghanistan promised a rapid inquiry.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned the attack and demanded an explanation from Washington.

BBC correspondents say there could be a furious backlash when news of the attack reaches the wider public.

In Kandahar’s Panjwai district, local people have gathered near the base to protest about Sunday’s killings, and the US embassy is advising against travel to the area.

Anti-US sentiment is already high in Afghanistan after US soldiers burnt copies of the Koran last month.

via BBC News – US soldier kills Afghan civilians in Kandahar.

Afghan analyst on US soldier’s shooting spree – YouTube

US soldier goes on a shooting spree outside military base in southern Kandahar province, killing many civilians. Al Jazeera spoke to Prince Ali Seraj, Afghan analyst and tribal leader.

via Afghan analyst on US soldier’s shooting spree – YouTube.

US soldier kills several civilians in Afghan shooting spree – YouTube An American soldier has killed or wounded at least a dozen civilians in southern Afghanistan after having a breakdown, according to reports.

He’s said to have left his base in Kandahar province and opened fire. The NATO-led coalition says he’s been arrested, describing the event as ‘deeply regrettable’.

The precise number of victims is difficult to verify at this stage. It comes at a time when anti-American sentiment is already running high.

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via US soldier kills several civilians in Afghan shooting spree – YouTube.

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