Text of President Obama's Energy Speech At Nashua Community College

While the President did not present anything new in his energy policy, the rhetoric kept rolling.  As Candidate Obama he joined the Democratic choir when prices at the pumps were up during the Bush Admnistration.  Now high energy prices are everyone elese’s problem but his.  Former President Bill Clinton, during a speech at an energy forum in Maryland called for President Obama to embrace the Keystone XL pipeline, although he blamed TransCanada Corp for  not changing the route around the Nebraska Sand Hills.

Below is the full text of President Obama’s Energy speech today:

This is the text of President Barack Obama’s speech on energy as prepared for delivery in Nashua on Thursday. His actual speech may have varied from this text:Hello, Nashua! Thank you, Mike, for that introduction. I want to also thank the President of Nashua Community College, Lucille Jordan, for hosting us today. I’d like to thank Professor Karl Wunderlich, for the great tour he just gave me. And

I’d like to thank your mayor, Donnalee Lozeau, for joining us today.It is great to be back in New Hampshire. I’m from Chicago, so a little snow wasn’t about to keep me away. We do winter pretty well. And I want to thank you all for making the trek out here. I appreciate it.I just had a chance to look at some of the cutting-edge work you’re doing in the auto shop here. Earlier this week, I gave a speech to America’s autoworkers, where I said that one reason this country has an auto industry today is because we’re not just building cars again – we’re building better cars; cars that use less oil; cars that go further on a gallon of gas. And in part that’s because of what’s happening at places like Nashua Community College. That’s because of you.I don’t need to tell you why fuel-efficiency is so important – especially right now. Most of you have filled up your gas tanks in the last week or two. You’ve seen the prices go up almost every day. And you’ve probably already felt the pinch – whether you own a car or a small business. Some of you have no choice but to drive a long way to work, and higher gas prices are like a tax straight out of your paychecks. In the winter, the rising price of oil can also make it more expensive to heat your homes.  Read More Here

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