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No one can deny that despite Obama’s dismal record on the economy with more than 40 Million on food stamps, almost the half the population on some sort of entitlement program, the real jobless rate close to 20% and a national debt of $16.2 Trillion, the President is a skillful campaigner.  His campaign has been successful of changing the national conversation from the economy to birth control.  The national media is complicit in aiding the Obama campaign to keep it there.

The result is that Obama has mobilized his base and women by spreading fear that a GOP President would reopen the abortion issue and birth control.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  Rick Santorum has stated unequivocally that although he has strong believes that he would never impose his values on Americans.  He sees prenatal screening as a way to abort children with down syndrome but is not against prenatal care in general.

Somehow the GOP must get the conversation back to the economy and must avoid being dragged into a discussion on social issues.  While religious freedom is important, this discussion has been turned into an issue of contraception and a woman’s right to do so.  It is a no win situation for GOP candidates, especially for Rick Santorum.

To Santorum’s credit he has fought back, explained

his stand, although it is not clear if it resonates with the media other than FOX News Channel.  The main stream media continues to hammer Santorum on this issue.

It was Republican Congressman from Texas, Herbert Walker Bush who argued decades ago that birth control should be paid for poor women.

“We need to take sensationalism out of this topic so that it can no longer be used by militants who have no real knowledge of the voluntary nature of the program but, rather, are using it as a political stepping stone,” said the Congressman.

“If family planning is anything, it is a public health matter.”

The law he sponsored is still funding contraception today and was signed by a Republican President, Richard Nixon.  You would think that this would be a closed issue.  The Obama campaign skillfully diverted the conversation and pretends that this is only an issue Democrats care about.  This is a bogus argument and the issue is closed.  No one, unless they insisted on political suicide would reopen this discussion to defund it.  Let’s remember how this discussion was diverted by Obama’s announcement to require Catholic hospitals to insure their employees.  While this is a religious freedom issue, Obama knew very well what his announcement would do.

The GOP needs to call Obama’s bluff and start hammering the incumbent President on the economy his dismal record on foreign affairs,and the high prices at the pumps, which are a result of Obama’s energy policy and wasteful spending on green projects.  Getting involved in long resolved social issues will result in a fight GOP candidates can’t win.

In a national poll Santorum has a ten point lead nationally, leading Mitt Romney by 36% over 26%.  While these social issues have defined Rick Santorum as the true conservative candidate, he must now switch gears and focus his attention on Obama and the economy.

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