The Battle for the Most Conservative Candidate – Does it Matter?

The GOP race has boiled down to the issue of who is the most conservative candidate.  The question is does that really matter?   With the eye on the prize, the outcome should be of who is in the best position to defeat President Barak Obama in November.  In my humble opinion that has nothing to do with the social conservative issues, but more with his record on the economy.  Social issues are not a winning combination for any aspiring President who hopes to attract moderates and independents.

Senator Rick Santorum continues to have himself drawn into discussing social issues such as contraception and abortion.  The main stream media is

only too keen to have the Senator discuss this issues, which boil down to “Foot in Mouth” every time he talks about it.  Despite having been clear that he would not change anything, he is being portrayed as the anti-woman candidate.  Santorum has strong religious beliefs and is not afraid to state his views.  That doesn’t mean, however, that he would impose his beliefs on the rest of the country.  He never did as a Senator.

Here is an example of arguments social conservatives make:

“The fairest guess is that Romney doesn’t instinctively identify with any political team. Instead, at root, he’s a problem-solving technocrat. And a pretty good one at that.”

Agreed!  What conservatives don’t need is a leader who “sticks a moist finger into the wind” for the purpose of figuring-out how to lead.  “Fingers in the air” can just as easily become “fingers in the ears.

Improvement?  Maybe, but very little.  “Two steps forward, one step backward.

The communists do appear to be winning,…for now.  Maybe someone should tell them to beware the Vale of Meggido, and the regal Visage riding a White Horse.

He IS the Prince of Peace, but there will be very little peaceful about His demeanor, WHEN He calls, “Time!” on Mankind’s self-sufficient charade. Tekjournalismuk

Not everything is black and white. Conservatism doesn’t have to restrict itself to social conservatism. There is also such a thing as a fiscal conservative. Personally I think the rejection of Romney by conservatives is solely based on him being a Mormon. Does it really matter how someone worships his God? I would say no.

Romney was the Governor of a very liberal state. He dealt with a Democratic state house and despite of this had some success in balancing the budget.   He has also given a solid explanation on why Romney Care would not work for the rest of the country.  When he introduced Romney Care as Governor, he found a way of getting HHS fairness funds waived to be used to pay for that program.

My guess is that Rick Santorum, who is a social conservative will get massacred by the media and President Obama. The longer this primary goes, the better it gets for President Obama.   I totally disagree with Sarah Palin’s assumption that this lengthy process works to the advantage of GOP candidates.   For now the President is getting a free ride, once again, while GOP candidates destroy each other.

Personally I like Santorum, since what you see is exactly what you get. He is not trying to conceal his true beliefs. What is being forgotten here, IMHO, is the fact that this election should be about the economy and not how conservative a candidate is or isn’t.

No one, not even Santorum would deny contraception or open up the abortion debate unless they were seeking political suicide. I think it’s time to get real. It’s called “Selection and Maintenance of the Aim” or keep an eye on the prize.

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