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Latest News from CPAC

Jindal: “When You Put Conservative Ideas Into Action, They Yield Great Results.”

Conservatism works. That was the message of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to the CPAC audience early Saturday morning.  “When you put conservative ideas into action,” Jindal said “they yield great results.” Read more »

Gov. Walker Reflects on Collective Bargaining Battle During Reagan Banquet Address

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin invoked the memory of Ronald Reagan as he challenged “big government union bosses” who use their political muscle to block reforms set up to empower taxpayers. Walker was the featured speaker a dinner banquet named in honor of the former president at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Read more »

Breitbart: Support Republican Nominee, Whomever It Is, in “War Against the Institutional Left.”

Long-time Tea Party supporter Andrew Breitbart, the conservative new-media star and publisher of and, gave a colorful last speech of the day at CPAC today in which he bashed the liberal media and the Occupy movement, calling the radical Left  “a bunch of totalitarian freaks.” Read more »

Gingrich Calls on CPAC Crowd To Choose Path to “World the Works”

The conservative movement wins decisively “when it offers bold solutions to the American people,” former House Speaker and current presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told a packed house at CPAC 2012 today. Read more »

President Obama versus the Constitution

President Obama has defiantly set about to implement his agenda with or without congressional consent, former Sen. George Allen of Virginia warned audience members during a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). Allen is running to reclaim the seat he previously held this coming November. Read more »


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