Twitter a Critical Tool in Political Campaigns

Anyone who follows politics on Twitter, has seen in it’s use grow from comments by it’s users and news services about politics to being used by Campaigns to generate funds for it’s campaign, Fact checking, to pro- campaign messages to oppositional attacks on the others.

President Obama has also used Twitter to generate calls to Congress to achieve it’s desired outcomes for public policy.

Politisite uses twitter to ReTweet it’s followers the large scope of political messaging from all political persuasions. We did this so often that we ended up placing a disclaimer (like many others) that Politisite does not Endorse any candidates and that ReTweets should not be construed as endorsing the opinions.

We also use twitter to make our followers aware of our recent Posts to our Website and live tweets from the events we cover.

Here is a story that relates to the Use of Twitter by political campaigns to get their message out when things are time sensitive.

When Newt Gingrich said in a recent debate that he was a man of “grandiose” ideas, Mitt Romney’s campaign pounced. It sent mocking Twitter messages with a hashtag, “#grandiosenewt”, encouraging voters to add their own examples of occasions when they felt Mr. Gingrich had been “grandiose.”

Within minutes, the hashtag was trending on Twitter. Reporters picked up on it, sending out their own Twitter posts and writing their own articles. The result: for at least one news cycle, the Romney campaign had stamped a virtual “grandiose” on Mr. Gingrich’s forehead.

If the 2008 presidential race embraced a 24/7 news cycle, four years later politicos are finding themselves in the middle of an election most starkly defined by Twitter, complete with 24-second news cycles and pithy bursts.

With 100 million active users, more than 10 times as many as in the 2008 election, Twitter has emerged as a critical tool for political campaigns, allowing them to reach voters, gather data and respond to charges immediately.

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