Allen West: Mr. President Please Don't Play the Race Card

President Obama was elected to office with an overwhelming majority and was the first African American president.  Many believed in his “Hope and Change” message, including white voters.   Yet the Obama Administration has found it appropriate to use the race and class warfare card whenever it serves their purpose.  This is the investigation of the DOJ on the “Fast and Furious” operation and Obama’s “We can’t Wait” campaign.

Candidate Obama convinced the electorate that he was honorable and would bring change to America, even boasting that if he couldn’t

turn the economy around, he would be a one term president.   Obama, who promised that the unemployment rate would remain under 8% if the stimulus package was approved has failed to deliver on that promise.   The unemployment rate remains well over 8% and there is a crisis looming with Iran.

When President Obama is criticized for his policy the race card is quickly invoked and it is readily apparent that the country is more divided now than it was in November 2008.   The President has been unable to bring Congress together to move his legislation forward.  The debt ceiling hike is an example of that.  Instead of trying to negotiate with congressional leaders, Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi continue to be very partisan and uncompromising and blame the Teaparty for the deadlock.   The recent recess appointments to the NLRB and the Consumer Protection Czar are further proof that the Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership have no intention of playing by the rules, which were good enough under President Bush, who accepted them.  Hypocrisy at its best.

Allen West has addressed Obama’s approach in a facebook article with a simple request to the President:  Mr. President Please Don’t Play the Race Card in 2012.

I was born in the inner city of Atlanta in 1961, when segregation was still rife, at a time when I would have been barred from visiting the very beaches that make up part of the congressional district I so proudly represent.

Just two years after my birth, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. momentously described his dream that one day his children would “live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.”

How proud he would have been on that November Tuesday in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. Clearly, Dr. King’s dream had come true. White voters across America had judged our President by the content of his character, not the color of his skin, and elected a man of color, whose very lineage with a black African father and white American mother, was a literal manifestation of the figurative melting pot of these United States.  Read More 

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