Harry Reid Tells Republicans to Drop Tea Party Extremism

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, prepared to go back for the next session of Congress by issuing a warning to Republicans.  He warned them against tea party extremism and said that President Obama had bent over backwards for the last two and half years.  I guess the Senator forgot where the bipartisan politics started.  Maybe it was Obama Care being pushed down the nose of Americans.  Reid also seems to forget that Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives for the first two years of the Obama Administration.

Repeating three times his claim that Republicans are engaged in “obstructionism on steroids,” the Nevada Democrat said President Obama for two and a half years “bent over backwards” to reach out to Republicans, only to find a fist rather than a hand to shake. Reid said he’d prefer that Democrats not have to go it alone in the Senatethis year, but since last September they have succeeded on moving several items without minority cooperation.  FOX News

Democrats have failed to limit spending.  Most of what was offered by Democrats was gimmicks.  Since neither Congress nor the President can run on their record it is obvious that the blame game needs to continue.  $4 Trillion of debt have been accumulated under Democratic control and the White House has just asked for another $1.2 Trillion hike to the debt ceiling.   According to Senator Reid the Tea Party are extremists for trying to stop the wreckless spending.

“I don’t think … anyone can question or they should question our having reached out to Republicans,” Reid said. “We’ve done everything we could to work with them. We’re going to continue to do that. In spite of the obstructionism, we have been able to accomplish a lot of good things in the last Congress. …

“I think we can build upon that. This Congress isn’t over. All I ask is for the Republicans to understand what legislation is all about.”  FOX News

In case anyone wondered what the above paragraph means, it’s democrat speak for “My way or the highway.”  Anyone that has followed Congress for the past three years has seen all the reaching out.  No budget, excess spending and bills passed that no one read.  Bills passed by the House of Representatives were not taken up in the Senate.   Congressman Ryan received a public tonguelashing from the President in public for his efforts of introducing a budget.  Yes that was going out of their way.   Maybe Harry Reid needs a lesson in legislation.

The Democrats should realize that they lost the last mid term election and that elections have consequences.  The people spoke loud and clear on November 2010.  Perhaps they will do so again in November this year.  The country deserves better than what is offered by the Senate Majority Leader.   The Teaparty certainly doesn’t need lessons from lifetime politicians in Congress.  They understand the problem quite well.  It’s called Crony Capitalism.

Senator Harry Reid claims to be an ethical politician and he often employs his Mormon religion in order to demonstrate his alleged immaculacy. However, the reality is that he is, in fact, one of the most ethically challenged politicians in office today. This report will review his alliances with corrupt individuals, his support of ACORN, his ties with organized crime figures and his chronic failure to comply with campaign finance laws. The Western Center for Journalism 

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