Shovel Ready Jobs For Keystone Pipeline Detailed

After three years in the approval process, with two all encompassing environmental assessments, TransCanada Corp is waiting for a Presidential Permit to proceed with the construction of the XL Keystone Pipeline.  The pipeline would bring crude oil from the Alberta Oil Sands to the refineries in Texas.   Congress, in its payroll tax reduction bill, requires President Obama to make a decision by February 21st.

While the President has adopted his “We Can’t Wait” campaign, TransCanada has now made it clear that they can’t wait for some 20,000 shovel ready jobs.  As such the company released details of the jobs that will be available right away as soon as the project is approved.  Russ Girling, President of TransCanada Corp said, “”These are new, real U.S. jobs.”

Stirling said that 13,000 Americans would be put to work constructing the pipeline and pumping station.  He said that another 7,000 jobs would be created in the manufacturing sector.    There is also an itemized list for each of the 17 construction segments, including an environmental coordinator, two welding foremen, 152 equipment operators and 111 laborers.  TransCanada has contracts with 50 suppliers across the United States, some  in important battleground states.

At the beginning of 2011 there had been indications by the State Department that the pipeline would be approved by the end of the year.  The President called for yet another environmental assessment after celebrities and environmentalists protested at the White House for weeks, delaying the decision beyond the 2012 election.

It’s time to get off the pot and get this project on its way.  Not only will the project create shovel ready jobs and infuse $Billions into the US econony, it also makes sense from a national security aspect.  Look around the world and see what is going on in the Strait of Hormuz.  Either way the U.S. uses the oil.  Why not get it from a country that is friendly towards the US.

Canada is presently in the process of approving

the Gateway Pipeline project, which would carry Alberta oil to the west coast for Asian markets.

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