Taliban Agrees to Talks with U.S. – Will Open Office in Qatar

After ten years of fighting the “War on Terror”, the United States and NATO have been looking for a way out of Afghanistan. The drawdown started in 2011 and most of the troops added by the surge should be out of theater by the summer of 2012.  The rumors that the United States and NATO had conducted talks with the Taliban has  been confirmed.  The Taliban have agreed to open and office in Qatar for talks with the United States.The writing was on the wall when Vice President Joe Biden stated that the Taliban were not our enemy per se.  Yet yesterday the Taliban

urged insurgents in Pakistan to join them in their battle to defeat Americans.

2835 NATO troops have laid down their life in Afghanistan, 1851 were U.S. soldiers.   The Afghanistan war was a response to the 9/11 attacks and removed an oppressive regime.  There is no evidence that the leopard has changed his stripe.  Without a NATO presence Afghanistan is likely to slip back into its pre-2001 mode.

While an end of the Afghanistan war is desirable, a NATO withdrawal should be orderly and ensure that security can be provided to avoid a return to the Afghan pre-2001 state.   It appears that the Taliban only needs to wait until a full NATO withdrawal.

“KABUL — The Taliban announced on Tuesday that it has agreed to open a “political office” in Qatar to hold talks with the United States, the first time the militant group has confirmed it has an interest in negotiating with Washington.

The Taliban said in a statement that it and the United States are the “two main sides,” who have a vested interest in finding a solution to Afghanistan’s problems. The statement made no mention of the Afghan government and did not say whether it wanted Kabul to play a role in talks.

The Taliban said talks would create “a better understanding with the internationals,” though it warned that the United States “would never reach these goals of theirs.”   Washington Post”

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