Election 2012 – Obama "Warrior of the Middle Class"

Hope and Change was Obama’s motto for the election in 2008 and yes there was lots of change but hope has been fading for Americans.  Unemployment remains at 8.6%, the national debt is fast approaching $16 Trillion and Obama’s support of green energy has been a big blunder.  Fisker, Solyndra have been big payouts to Obama supporters only to see the money evaporate into bankruptcies.

Shovel ready jobs have not materialized and Obama admitted that he jobs weren’t as shovel ready as they appeared to be.   Obama Care has increased insurance premiums and some 40  million Americans live below the poverty line.   Yet the President and the Democratic Senators have enriched themselves by filling their pockets, while supporting or at least being sympathetic to the Occupy Wallstreet movement.

Two weeks ago the main stream media got their marching orders from the White House.  Obama will portray himself as the “Warrior of the Middle Class, while demonizing the GOP as supporters of the 1% who are willing to tax the middle class while refusing to tax their rich 1% buddies.   Obama’s Kansas speech highlighted that fact and Obama said that the capitalist system has never worked in the past.  His statement ignores the fact that socialism has never worked.  One only has to look at the former Soviet Union, North Korea, the former Warsaw Pact States, Cuba, Venezuela and China.

While Obama portrays himself as the protector of the middle class, he keeps company with the elite in Hollywood,  which talks the talk but never walks the walk.   How many Americans had  the jet set vacations Obama and Pelosi had this year?  Living the high life, in Pelosi’s case $10,000 a night rooms in Hawaii.  Yep that is how the middle class spends their vacation.  If they want to talk the talk, they should also set the example.   But then in Obama’s case the policy is “BS baffles brains”.  Do as I say and not as I do.

For the GOP it is fortunate that Obama since his election campaign of 2008 has left lots of sound bytes that contradict each other.  All the GOP has to show is what Obama said and what actually occurred.  It should be relatively easy to point out to Americans that the “Food Stamp President”  talks too much and takes virtually no steps to improve the lot of the average American.   Obama’s economic record is dismal and he obviously can’t defend it.

January brings with it new fights between the Administration and Congress.  The payroll tax cuts need to be extended to a full year, something the GOP looked for just prior to the Christmas break.   The Obama Administration will be looking to raise the debt ceiling by another $1.2 Trillion, to 97% of GDP, without any commitments to reduce spending.   Obama’s idea is to get a fair shake out of the 10% of Americans that already pay the lions share of income taxes, while 47% pay no taxes at all.  Yep that’s a fair

shake.   The bottom line is, every dollar that is paid as an entitlement has to be taken from another American.

Another four year term for Obama will lead to the ruin of the domestic and global economy.   Of course Obama can blame it on George Bush, the 1%, ATMs and the Europeans.   After all the anointed one has no faults.  Don’t get fooled again.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

The president will continue to claim the mantle for “warrior of the working class” in 2012 in stark contrast to the public perception that Republicans in Congress are backing millionaires, not the middle class, a senior White House official tells ABC News.

And that message will be carried through President Obama’s reelection campaign next year. “We’re going to be doubling down on our commitment and our message in terms of fighting for the middle class,” Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters covering the president in Hawaii.

After a heated battle between the White House and House Republicans, the payroll tax cut was extended until the end of February — a battle the president ultimately won albeit for just two months. It also delayed the president’s vacation here, but the White House official noted that it gave the president and his senior advisers time to work through policy proposals that they plan to roll out in the new year — one being to extend the payroll tax cut through the end of 2012.  ABC News 

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