Mitt Romney leads in Iowa for Now – New NBC/Marist Poll

A new poll, with a relative small sample of 425 people polled by telephone, indicates that Mitt Romney is the front-runner ahead of Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses.   While the National Post points at Mitt Romney, in this particular poll Mitt Romney is favoured by 23% of caucus goers.  This is a statistical tie with Ron Paul who is favoured by 21%.

The surprise candidate is Rick Santorum who is now favoured by 15%, which is quite a surge from the single digits he polled before.  Texas Governor Rick Perry is close behind with 14% in fourth place, gaining 8 percentage points.   Santorum has invested a lot of time in Iowa and he must clearly place in the top three.

Santorum’s platform would repeal Obama

Care and do fundamental regulatory reform.   His message is obviously resonating in Iowa and he may be the surprise of the day on January 3rd.   New Gingrich according to this place is at 13%, while Michelle Bachmann comes in at 6% and John Huntsman, who is concentrating in New Hampshire, comes in at 2%.


WASHINGTON — An NBC News/Marist poll confirmed Friday an earlier survey’s finding that Mitt Romney is the front-runner ahead of Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Twenty-three percent of likely caucus-goers in the Midwestern state favored the former Massachusetts governor to challenge President Barack Obama in November’s presidential election.

Libertarian congressman Ron Paul was second at 21%, followed by former senator Rick Santorum at 15% and Texas Governor Rick Perry at 14%, the telephone poll of 425 people on Tuesday and Wednesday indicated.

But 41% of likely voters in the survey said they believed Paul, with his libertarian and isolationist messages, would be unacceptable as the Republican nominee.  National Post 

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