Rex Murphy: Removing Julian Assange’s halo

We have not heard too much about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of late. This is quite a change from the volleys of support and praise

that he received from various quarters when his website was regularly publishing classified diplomatic cables.

At the height of his fame, Assange was a hero to the left. But matters got more complicated — and his hero-halo dimmed — when it was alleged he committed sexual improprieties against two women in Sweden. At about the same time, some of the arrangements he had made to distribute WikiLeaks documents began to fall apart. Friends dropped off, donations declined, and even the Guardian newspaper, his earliest mainstream backer, took to writing critical appraisals.

But now that the alleged source of many of the most explosive WikiLeaks documents, U.S. Army soldier Bradley Manning, is being prosecuted, the Wikileaks-Assange saga has returned to the world stage, although at lower intensity.  National Post

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